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The Watershed Guestlist and Table Bookings



Who would have thought that a place with a background in making people wet their pants laughing could also be one of the hottest clubs in Wimbledon? We sure didn't. The Watershed isn't just famous for its stand-up nights any more; hosting one of the only late-night clubs in the area it's now become a popular place for just about anyone. Whether you come down for Dance Rocks Friday or Love Shed Saturday, it's a little old place where you and your friends will love to get together. Bang bang banging on the door unnecessary; unless you want to, of course.

The Club

Two rooms make up The Watershed, the larger one hosting a pumping RnB party while the other focuses on delivering the best of 80s and 90s cheese. And the décor is very suiting for each room; flashing lights and colours abound, The Watershed certainly knows how to throw a party. Not to mention there is some gorgeous modern art decorating the wall, making the venue as well as the guests easy on the eyes. And it's even built to host a foam party, making it an ideal place to get down and dirty and then clean yourself up all night long.

The Vibe

Cosy and unpretentious, The Watershed is a great place to wind down for the night. Though because it gets so busy it's more fitting to consider it winding up. Dress is smart casual, so no need to get completely dolled up, but do us all a favour and pull up your pants; the saggy jeans 'gangster' look isn't what they're looking for (and frankly, no one wants to see your tighty-whiteys). No track suits or any sort of athetic wear either. You're not coming for a game of tennis, and even Venus Williams doesn't look like that when coming to Wimbledon, so neither should you.

The Music

While The Watershed is across from The Polka Theatre, thankfully the two establishments service a completely different crowd. And if you think otherwise, you obviously haven't tried grinding or twerking to 'In Heaven there is No Beer'. Talk about awkward. Specializing in 80s and 90s, The Watershed is a great place if you want to get your nostalgia on. They do throw in the more modern tune in every now and then, but it's really a better place if you want to be a Maniac on the dance floor and dance like you've never danced before. And if that's not your style then just switch rooms. So easy a Chav could do it. And if you want to top off a great evening with cheap drinks then this is the club for you. On special drink promotion Fridays selected drinks are only £1.50 until 11:30, and even after midnight the drinks are pretty reasonably priced. And then there's 2-4-1 cocktail Thursdays. Now there's something to drink to, or have two drinks to. A drink in each hand makes everything better.