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The Westbourne Studios Guestlist and Table Bookings



Also known as Underneath the Westway, this place is a hard-to-find club here in London, but that just makes finding that much more worth it. A hotbed for creativity in the city, this place does it all; cinema, boxing, even office space is available to rent here. Even with that much going on they still find time to throw the hottest parties. Westbourne is one of those places that can handle practically anything that comes its way, so i you're looking for a unique place to go in London with endless possibilities under one roof, then Westbourne Studios may be just what you're looking for.

The Club

Two floors make up Westbourne Studios, though make sure you go to the correct two floors and not someone's office on accident (how do those people get any work done?). Boasting an impressive new sound system, lights, and projectors, their large dance floor leave plenty of room to raise your arms in the air and wave them like you just don't care or make a little heart with your hands or whatever else you might be interested in doing. Except for maybe flipping the bird. You'd probably be kicked out for that, but if you want to try we aren't going to stop you.

The Vibe

Coming here is a nice breather compared to all of the stuffy pretentious clubs in Chelsea or Soho. Here you can come in casual and have a nice drink with friends and your dance skills won't be called ridiculous by any pretentious snobs. Think a nice pair of jeans and a quirky tee rather than sequinned dress and enough make-up to paint a Picasso. And there shouldn't be any issues with staff or getting in; we've heard door staff has lightened up significantly. Unless you just want to be an arsehole and intentionally piss them off. We wouldn't suggest that, but if you do try it let us know how that goes, hmm?

The Music

A lot of what Westbourne Studios plays is electronic and the different sub genres that come with it. They've also been known to play the sickest house music during their Friday night Forward Motion parties. Friday and Saturday nights are the best if you want crazy good music, though you'll definitely want to check their website or Facebook for when the best tunes are playing, otherwise you may come by and all you'll hear are crickets and cars. Drinks are also reasonably priced. You'll definitely want to get a caipirinha here; Westbourne makes one of the best in the area. If you drink yourself under the table with this Brazilian mixer than you can wake up the next morning and get yourself a cheap breakfast at their restaurant. And word has it that during football matches there have special deals such at six Becks for £15, but you don't have to be a football fan to enjoy their great prices.