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Things you should know..

Fun fact...

If you are told you are not "on the list" then this is an EXCUSE not to let you in.

Nightclubs to not use a named guestlist any more so there are never any names on the list.

Clubs tell you this as it is easier for them to blame the promoter than it to tell you that;

  • you do not look appropriate
  • Your friends are not appropriate
  • You all are not appropriate

If it was up to us then we would gladly accept you however nightclubs especially the pretentious ones that like to think they are exclusive (These are generally the ones that close within a year FYI) and by turning you away it makes the place look really VIP... cool huh!

So.. next time your ego is bruised and you are not let in the club please do not send me hatefull abuse as it has nothing to do with us!

Entry is at the discretion of "the door"....