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Thursdays at Chakana Launches


Chakana is the perfect setting for our new Thursday night shenanigans launching this week.

This unique venue doubles up as a late-night lounge bar and VIP dance club inspired by the mysterious and ancient world of the Incas.

Entering its doors is to gain access to a ceremonial rite, one conducted within a secret temple deep in the belly of the Earth Mother Pachamama, built by architects lost in the mists of time and filled with sacred carvings, priceless artefacts, and treasures seized at the cost of much blood and sacrifice.
Just some of the reasons to make you consider a visit to Chakana...

-You may think you’ve seen it all before but have you ever seen pisco served from the head of a jaguar? Didn’t think so.

- The word ‘Chakana’ means tree of life, you might not feel very pure when you wake up the next day, but this place is like totally spiritual. Sure.

- Entertainment is inspired by Tarantino’s cult classic 1996 movie From Dusk till Dawn, so if crime and horror make you want to bust some shapes then you’re in for a good one.

- Cocktails will feature the super foods of The Andes. Chia seeds, maca root, Inca berries and coca leaves… detox while you retox people. You got something stuck in your teeth.

Ladies are free before 11pm Gents £20 (all night)


I.D. is required by guests of ALL AGES. This is part of the clubs agreement with the relevant licensing authorities and/or police. Entry to any venue is always at the venue management discretion and subject to the venue door policies. Entry is never guaranteed by


23 Orchard St
London W1H 6HL