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Happy Halloween, this year has been awesome and everyone seemed to get into the spirit of it this year and I saw some great outfits as I said last month I always get really excited about Halloween and this year was no exception.


This year I was at No5 Cavendish Squares “Haunted House Party” which I have been to for the past 2 years. I would like to make a public apology to all of the people that queued outside for 2 hours dressed like a maggot and couldn’t get in. It was (excuse the pun) a bit of a “nightmare” as it was so busy.

I don’t know how many times that I need to tell people to get down early! This is the most important piece of information that people never take on board and then when they do arrive after 11pm and they have to pay at the door I get called up and I am expected to sort them out? Sometimes being dressed as Michael Jackson has its benefits as nobody can recognize me and I can just hide.


Another thing that really annoys me and annoys fellow promoters is “Bottle Pirates” as we say. There are different types each with their own unique style of blagging vodka from our table, the most common types include:


“Penniless Pillagers”- They come out with zero cash, no credit cards and not even so much as cab fare. Nothing like a girl drinking on your tab all night, then asking for £10 to get home or. Why have a purse with nothing in it? I wouldn’t go out with my wallet only full of Chapstick and gum.


“Bottle Buccaneers” - If you only ordered two bottles of vodka, then why does your bill include 10 cans of sugar-free Red Bull, a round of fruity drinks, a bottle of champagne and bottles of water? Blame the Bottle Buccaneers. They hang around just long enough to fool your server into thinking they’re authorized to add to your tab. If you see something fishy on your table (like a round of Sex and the City shots), then you’ve been the victim of a Bottle Buccaneer.


“Jolly Rodjers” - Yes, guys can be Bottle Pirates, too. A Jolly Roger is a guy who is always happy and very chatty (probably because he’s draining your drinks). He hangs at your table so comfortably that everyone just assumes that he’s friends with someone else at the table. The biggest problem with Jolly Roger Bottle Pirates? They have a big thirst and a small bank roll. How do I know this? I’m a recovering Jolly Roger myself.


This is the one thing that really annoys me when you get shown no thanks or appreciation in return for giving someone a free drink!


This month I have been obviously very busy organizing Halloween but I had the pleasure of attending a private performance of “Raquelle Gracie” performing her upcoming single. Check her out online! It is rare to see someone so pretty but able to really sing live she was amazing and I will definitely be in the queue to buy her single when it comes out. Watch this space! I was also out with the CEO of Quintessentially (the world’s biggest concierge service) where I literally couldn’t keep up, wow these guys can drink!


Next month I have some very exciting  news for you and I am attending Philip Salons birthday party at Aura Mayfair which who I explained last month holds the most flamboyant fancy dress parties! See you next month


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