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Whisky Mist

Housed within the extravagant Hilton hotel on the flourishingly upscale Park Lane, Whisky Mist is the perfect example of luxurious refinement and is definitely the place to be seen. With a mass of A-list celebrities, royalty and the clubbing elite regularly attending this popular haunt, you will see that such opulent club settings are hard to find anywhere else around the globe let alone in the capital; Whisky Mist is the epitome of chic London clubbing.

This centrally located club boasts outstanding surroundings and the décor of the club is like that of no other; dramatically dark, featuring crushed velvet curtains, a shimmering mirrored ceiling, draping chandeliers, lavish animal prints as well as black and purple furnishings. There are two main areas, with the central club and dance floor in front of the over-sized bar, and a VIP area off to one side. The tables accommodate far more people than most other clubs making this the perfect place for large groups and other party events.

Whisky Mist opened two years ago and since opening Whisky Mist has proved that it can stand the test of time and still manages to bring it the A list crowd that are used to the high standards of VIP guestlist only nightclubs.

Located inside one of the landmarks of London the Park Lane Hilton, Whisky Mist is an exclusive haunt with a separate entrance to the side of Hertford Street. An easy reach from either Hyde Park or Green park tube stations by walk however the discerning patrons of Whisky is are more likely to be chauffeur driven to the door.

 As you pull up to Whisky you will almost certainly notice a flurry of activity and a large presence of security surrounding the entrance of Whisky Mist.

The door staff at Whisky Mist are courteous but notoriously strict and queues can last for hours on end due to the sheer size of the club so it is advisable to pre-book your table and avoid this negative backlash. The crowd is also quite a bit more mature, in terms of style, than in other clubs, so expect to see men wearing suits rather than the usual jeans and pointy shoes attire. Girls too, dress considerably more sophisticated than elsewhere. Once you are inside and on the dance floor however, the presence of celebrities including Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz and Prince Harry help to keep the vibe fun. The attractive staff are very helpful and always at hand to please while the crowd is genuinely friendly and relaxed, authenticating the fact that the exclusivity has not gone to everyone's heads.

Stepping inside whisky Mist is like stepping into a premier league footballers bachelor pad and despite the walls being adorned with stuffed stags heads as noticeable on the clubs logo the rest of the venue remains exclusively modern  has forever been sitting pretty at the top of London nightclub scene. After it's successful launch by the creators of Mahiki it is now regularly mentioned in all the papers for being a royal favourite. Where the royals like to party you can normally assume the type of crowd that will attend and Whisky Mist certainly life's up to your expectations if you are expecting simply and as brutally honest as i can say, London's most attractive crowd.

To get in requires patience as the queues that form have been known to take over an hour start to entry and even once you have made it ti the front there is no guarantee that you will make it in. Whisky Mist Guestlist club is one of the smaller clubs on the London A-list party scene and because of this unlike other venues that can afford to fill its doors with whoever turns up Whisky is far more selective to ensure that every space within the club is made up of the finest crowd.

There is no VIP as such at Whisky which only helps to benefit the inclusive attitude of the staff and the club itself. Everyone is treated like a VIP and depending which hollywood movie star or A-list celebrity is there on any night you can be sure to be right up there with them partying up close and personal.

Whisky has been known and is still know to bring some of the biggest hook to London and unless during the week the club brings in a big name to perform exclusively then no matter what night of the week you attend you will be sure to see a famous face or two.

Whisky Mist is one of the more classy establishments in London and cater for a very high calibre clientele Velvet PR offer guestlists and table booking for Whisky Mist. Velvet PR can also negotiate and book in corporate parties up to 400 guests should you wish to organise a private event.

There are two main areas the main area in-front of the bar with a limited space dance-floor and also the VIP area where you will find most of the celebrities on most of the nights that the club is open. Mondays and Thursdays are very strong nights at Whisky Mist and due to the club being so small they can afford to be very elective over the crowd that they allow in so make sure that you dress up! Whisky Mist is the latest club offering produced by the same company who run Mahiki in Mayfair. Whisky Mists music policy tends to sway towards the more electro house however run a more RnB themed evening on the Thursday. Check out

Whisky Mist has got everything in the clubbing dictionary down to a tee. A club like no other, If you are after a wild night of opulent antics, mingling with celebs and endulging in the finer things in life then look no further.


Whisky Mist Address : Whisky Mist, 23 Orchard Street, London W1H 6HL

What are Whisky Mists Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Whisky Mist Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Whisky Mist policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s