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1) Being on the guestlist does not guarantee entry. Entry is always at the discretion of the door and guests may be refused entry for one of the following reasons;


Being an all male group
Bring drunk or abusive
Not being dressed appropriately
Being underage or not having acceptable identification

Venues always have the final say over entry. Velvet PR simply provide the guestlist to venues and then it is the venues decision if they let you inside the venue.

The venue can refuse you for any reason and if the venue do not want to let you into the venue they will on most cases blame the promoter for "not putting you on the guestlist"


If the door picker says this to you then they do not want you inside the club. Please do not blame us if you have any issues as we hold NO responsibility for any entry related issues.


2) All table bookings or group guestlist that we book in require a deposit to secure you booking. This is refunded in person at the door upon arrival. This stops time wasters. Details of how to pay your deposit will be sent to you with the confirmation of your booking.


3) You must ideally arrive at the club before 10.30pm. Ladies are free before 11pm and should you arrive at 10.50pm and be in the queue and arrive at the door after 11pm then you will have to pay. We cannot come and assist you at the door after 10.30pm. You are welcome to come early and get a stamp and leave and then come back if needed.


4) If you have any additional questions or queries then feel free to email