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Why join the Velvet PR Membership?

Complimentary Vodka & Champagne

– As a member you are entitled to drink complimentary drinks at every event.

Personal Concierge Service

- Velvet PR have a personal lifestyle management services part of the Velvet PR membership. Similar services cost £1000+ and charge up to £100 per hour. Need a restaurant booking? Last minute guestlist, up until 1am!? just call your personal concierge number given to you upon completed registration.

 Velvet PR Membership provides you with un-restricted access to all of London’s top venues and events.

Velvet PR members areas is a place on the inside where our cosmopolitan members can discover London’s hottest and most exclusive entertainment offerings. Consider yourself a resident in our home. A specialist concierge service, we curate the right kind of places for the right kind of people, with the social needs of a select membership in mind. Our clients want to easily access the best that London has to offer, and be looked after like the discerning individuals that they are.

We open the door on the city’s social scene, and a Velvet PR membership is your personal key. The minute you become a resident member with us your agenda is taken care of, from restaurant reservations where you’ll be welcomed like a regular with complimentary champagne, to priority guest list and free entry at clubs.

Exclusive Offers in our BLACK pages

We will update our offers page every day with everything from discounts on restaurant booking to teeth whitening treatments to holidays and much more. A typical saving for any offer listed in our BLACK members pages is between 30-70%

24 hour a day club booking

Our members receive a personal account manager who are able to organize guestlists and table reservations within 30 minutes of your enquiry 24 hours a day.


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