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Information About The Libertine Dress Code


Libertine Dress Code


London’s nightlife is famous for it’s prestige and elite party scene and here we will give you an overview of the Libertine dress code. People from all over the world come here to experience the best VIP parties and just to get a glimpse of how people of London enjoy their glamorous nightlife. One of the VIP clubs that you definitely must visit, is Libertine. This stylish high-end venue is on the Winsley Street, right in the middle of Fitzrovia, and is a new clubbing concept from the creators of the Chinawhite club. Libertine is known for hosting amazing parties on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. As we mentioned, the venue is very stylish and it expects all their guests to match their look the the image of the venue by following their strict Libertine dress code.


So if you are planning on hitting the dancefloor in Libertine, you MUST be well dressed to gain entry, as your outfit will be the first thing the doormen will be looking at as you approach them. But don’t stress as here are few tips on what the Libertine dress code requires you to wear on the night:


TIPS FOR LADIES: Do I even have to mention high heels? It’s a part of an outfit that just has to be there. A bodycon dress is always a great choice, and also sequins! When joining the Libertine guestlist, a bit of a sparkle is essential. If you don’t feel like wearing a dress, a nice pair of trousers and an elegant blouse will do just fine! When it comes to makeup, remember that a natural look is always better, however a pair of smokey eyes will be a perfect choice... And don’t forget to have them eyebrows on fleek! Make sure your hairstyle is neat, whether you want to go for romantic waves or a fabulous updo, you have to look like you made an effort.


TIPS FOR GUYS: Getting into Libertine is not as easy as throwing some leather shoes on… A collared shirt is a must. Smart shoes are the only footwear accepted, so ditch your vans and converse. Match it all with a smart pair of trousers or dark jeans and you are ready! Why not top it off with a blazer? A smart look is always a good look. Neat hairstyle is essential. Make sure you look slick and you won’t be disappointed at the door!


These are the most important things you need to know. If you follow these rules you should have no problem in getting into this high-end club. It attracts a very glamorous, high-end crowd and is regularly visited by celebrities. So make sure you look your best and follow our Libertine dress code because you never know which celebrity you could bump into… Libertine was visited by Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio and much more! So if you want to party with stars, make sure you look like a star!