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Mahiki Kensington Dress Code

Mahiki Kensington dress code


Mahiki Kensington is a paradisiac place, it is a real tropical heaven with polynesian vibes located in the heart of Kensington. By following the Mahiki Kensington dress code you'll have the best chance of entry to this fabulous venue.


This is the perfect place to go if you want having fun and they have amazing fresh cocktails! A lot of celebrities went there (Lindsay Lohan Scarlett Johansson Rihanna and more..) You can go from Tuesday to Saturday, parties start around 11pm or you can book private rooms if you prefer. For those who want tranquility there are some private dining rooms which are very pleasant too.


About the entrance it is important to follow some rules: Even if the atmosphere is cool and the theme is the beach and the holidays, you can't wear short tongs or any beach clothes... By contrast, don't hesitate to add original accessories to your outfit.


-One of the most important rule is about your politeness and sobriety. Try to look as plain and nice as possible at the entrance.


-The Mahiki Kensington dress code for this island themed club is sexy and smart.


-The best clothes for ladies are their most sexy outfit to adhere to the Mahiki Kensington dress code! They can wear a beautiful dress and high feels or silky blouse with an elegant pant, or nice top and elegant shorts. About make-up and hair it is important to do an effort but do not overdo it is not necessary, just put mascara and eyeliner to eyelight your beautiful eyes!


-For men it’s good to wear some smart clothes too like a blazered shirt a jean and your most classy shoes. Try to look sharp and avoid runners shoes, baggy jeans or shorts and you'll have no problem with the Mahiki Kensington dress code.