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Information About The Paper Soho Dress Code


Paper Soho Dress Code


Paper Soho is undoubtedly one of the most famous districts of London! Often considered transgressive, as well as rigorous and revealing Britain’s authenticity, Soho is THE place to listen to electro music, DJ and HipHop. London’s most sophisticated nightclub is back so let me introduce you to the one and only, Paper Soho! It’s new home is the exclusive 201 Wardour street.


The Paper Soho dress code at Paper club is located in the basement and ground-floor of a cocktail bar called Dirty Harry’s. So now that you know how to find us, expect a sophisticated and very glamorous interior design; Bringing you the world’s best DJ’s and VIP area, to ensure a chic and sexy vibe!


Because we want you to be fully part of the “Paper vibe” as well as it’s unique atmosphere just like Puff Daddy or Beyoncé are, make sure you choose a chic but sexy look!


Dress code required: Elegant


Ladies : bodycon dresses, bodycon bandage dresses, and dresses with low cut are appreciated. Of course, all fashionably chic and sexy accessories are greatly encouraged for you to have the best looks at our events, and don’t forget your heals s so you don’t miss out on anything.


Men; sorry fellas but you don’t have the same style and natural class of Puff Daddy when he inters a club. In which case, select your best “smart casual” outfit : What is smart casual? The Macquarie Dictionary defines smart casual as “well-dressed in a casual style.” Oxford defines it as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style.” calls smart casual “somewhat informal but neat.” Urban Dictionary calls it “a nonsensical dress code that people slap onto events, parties, and workplaces” that is “completely down to interpretation” and “always causes confusion and often spectacular results.” Even the great Wikipedia gives up entirely and simply describes it as “ill-defined.” Long t-shirts, shirts, blazers, black jeans or pants, and smart leather shoes.


These are the most important things you should know about the Paper dress code, however there is one more thing worth mentioning.


To enter in the “paper vibe” keep your chic, drunk arrivals are not recommended at this club, politeness and respect toward other clubers and staff are a non-negotiable condition and will be sanctioned otherwise.  Proof of identity is needed to get in. Guestlist recommended.


So if you want to enter our vibe keep in mind our advice! Come join Paper crew on the Paper guestlist and we will guarantee you will spend an amazing night in a crazy atmosphere.