June 20, 2012 in Offers

Two IPL Facial Redness Rosacea Sessions

Since 2002 The Pulse Light Clinic has specialized in IPL treatment for Rosacea. We have pioneered IPL techniques including multiple passes of Intense Pulsed light (IPL) to reach errant vessels under the skin.

These contribute greatly to facial flushing and redness and surface capillaries. We are able to achieve good  clearance of telangiectasia and the chronic red face, as well as significantly decreasing the intensity and duration of the facial flush.

We have used  most advanced IPL equipment, tried and tested against our rigorous standards of safety and performance. We have pushed the boundaries of what is possible using IPL technology.

Consequently, over the years we have amassed a wealth of understanding and clinical knowledge of the condition of Rosacea and its treatment.  We strive for clinical excellence and are a results led clinic.

The successful outcome of IPL treatment for Rosacea is determined by the experience and training of the IPL practitioner.
A perfunctory IPL pass of the face using the same preset parameters for every client will not eradicate the spread or depth of blood vessels seen in Rosacea.  To obtain the results possible with IPL, specific parameters geared to each individual Rosacea sufferer must be used not just at the beginning of treatment but through each successive session of IPL.

The Pulse Light Clinic has over a decade of experience in successfully treating Rosacea. There are many different factors in an individuals' life that contribute towards this uncomfortable and sometimes distressing condition. We offer a comprehesive therapy package, including a thorough free consultation, skin analysis and patch test, and we offer nutritional guidance and further in-depth advice should you require it.

Having spent 12 years carving a niche in rosacea, Pulse Light Clinic also helps skin face the music through state-of-the-art equipment, skin-specialist treatments, and a singular purpose. The range of face-saving treatments includes rosacea, acne and hyperpigmentation therapies, as well as IPL, laser hair removal, and nutritional management.

Located in the heart of the City, the clinic will aim to reduce redness of the skin with two 30-35 minute rosacea sessions. The treatment begins with 15 minutes of advance consultation with a patch test to discover the best direction to take. There will then be a 20-35 minute biodermabrasion treatment for the face, neck and chest, followed by the sessions themselves plus helpful nutritional advice. Three week intervals must be left between IPL treatments, and 7 days between biodermabrasions.