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You’ve Won Our Twitter Prize!

Congratulations! Each week we select 3 random twitter followers by using a very technical system of a blindfold, and pointing randomly at the screen we select the lucky person. The winner then gets spoiled at our either our awesome Friday night party over at Montezuma in South Kensington and generally treated like a true VIP! The good news is you got second place! SO that means we are going to spoil you for one night only chucking you a complimentary bottle of vodka and a private table to make your night get wild at our main VIP club Montezuma which is normally very limited for our members only!


Where will this be?

We party in style with our VIP members each weekend at Montezuma in South Kensington. Everyone will be dressed to the nines, the hip-hop, RnB will be at full volume. Not forgetting our excellent dj’s and a sh*t load of fun. This is going to be epic! Montezuma is extremely high end so expect top DJs and a classy crowd who are here to party until the early hours of the morning! Basically we throw the best parties ever. And we’re damn proud of it. x


When can I book this for?

You’ve got up to a month to claim, and you can choose any Friday night of your choice. Just let us know when’s good and we will do our best to accommodate you x


Call us on 0207 2052501 to book!