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WYLD Guestlist & WYLD Tables

WYLD Club London Entry - WYLD Guestlist and WYLD Table Bookings


The WYLD guestlist only club opened mid 2021 near to Hyde Park Corner in central London. Brought to you by the previous owners of Drama Park Lane - the club that previously was situated here. The theme of WYLD is ‘Hedonism With A Heart’. The club is all about environmental sustainability and nature.

Entering WYLD, whether you have booked a WYLD guestlist or reserved a WYLD VIP table, you’ll be brought into an enchanting wonderland characterised by magnificent foliage along the ceilings and walls. Nature is clearly the focal point of WYLD club, and the large LED tree towards the far end of the venue juxtaposes the wild rainforest vibe and the hi-tec nightclub vibes.

Of course WYLD has a focus area which everyone wants to check out - that being the stunning throne in the shape of a large snake. It completely encapsulates the wild theme of this incredible VIP club in the heart of Mayfair.

Other highlights of WYLD include the decorative wallpapers with a jungle-style theme and the eye-catching puma statue decked out in silver underneath the cocktail bar.

Booking a WYLD table is highly recommended so you can fully appreciate your VIP night out at WYLD club. You can also apply to join the WYLD guestlist. The WYLD guestlist is strict as one can imagine. The crowd at this club are celebrities and A-listers alike from all over the world.

WYLD London Entry Fee

WYLD Club London entry fees start at £10 for girls before midnight (occasionally complimentary) then £20 entry price after midnight. It is recommended to arrive early as the club's guestlist can be full after midnight.

WYLD London Table Prices

WYLD table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl ratio. £1500 is the minimum spend for groups of up to 10. VIP WYLD table prices begin from £2500 minimum spend. Entry fees of £20 apply with a table booking at WYLD. WYLD table costs are normally higher on Fridays and Saturdays. WYLD standard tables can seat up to 6 guests while VIP tables can seat more.

We offer a table booking service for WYLD and you can book below. If you require more information on WYLD club London table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table at WYLD as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


WYLD London Address : WYLD, Hilton on 35 Park Lane, Hertford St, London W1J 7SD

Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3:30am

Dress Code: Smart

WYLD London Entry Fee: Ladies £10/£20 before 11pm Gents £20

WYLD Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

WYLD policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Memberships are available by contacting WYLD directly

Age restriction: Over 18s