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Adult Party Ideas


When one becomes an adult, one can seldom think of a great idea for a birthday party. But we assure you - birthday parties are a lot more enjoyable as an adult. 

And if you cannot think of any adult party ideas - follow our short guide to learn about the 5 elements of a great club party in the city of London!

Adult Party Ideas: All You Need To Know

Nothing could top a great club party in London for an adult's birthday party. But how does one go about planning the 'club party of the year?'

Here are the 5 elements needed for the perfect club party:

1. Choosing the Right Club

London is awash with exciting nightclubs. One may be tempted to randomly select any nightclub - perhaps the one closest to your home. But do your due diligence in choosing the right club.

What determines the ideal nightclub is based on your own criteria. Consider if you prefer an overcrowded venue or an intimate one. What type of music does the club play? Is there a private area - if you even want one? Are there activities besides dancing (such as a snooker table)?

2. Visit the Club

Of course, internet research is not enough to choose the right club. Make sure you visit the clubs you have shortlisted to decide which one is best.

If you have planned activities, see if there is an area where these activities can be enjoyed. Look around at the other patrons or ask the club owners about the dress code. We suggest creating a dress code for your guests to make the night even more special and exclusive.

3. Activities

While letting everyone talk and dance amongst themselves is a great idea - having planned activities makes the night more memorable.

Activities can range from drinking games to card games. A game of charades could also be in order. 

Activities are a fun way to bring all your guests together and to bond with each other. We strongly recommend having activities at your party.

4. Food and Drinks

What would a great party be without delicious food and drinks? Make sure that the venue you choose has a great menu - or allows for catering. You also want to research drinks. You want a venue with a variety of drinks, perhaps great rates on buying bottles. And for those friends who don't like hard drinks, you want to make sure there is a variety of fizzy drinks as well.

5. Guest List

Finally, a great adult party is made great by its guests. While you may be tempted to invite all 1000 of your Facebook friends, this is probably not the best idea.

Keep your guest list exclusive. Choose your closest friends and family to enjoy this experience with you. A great adult birthday party is full of memories with your loved ones - not a loud experience with people who would not remember your date of birth offhand!

See You at the Party!

Now that you know the best adult party ideas, it is time to start planning! We'll see you at the party!

And if you need some help in planning your party, we are just a phone call away!