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DSTRKT Dress Code


DSTRKT London is a world-famous lounge & restaurant in the heart of the West End, attracting an elite crowd from across the globe. 


Sitting at Piccadilly Circus, Dstrkt will welcome you in a lavish style restaurant and bar. Just like a ripe fruit picked right, this crowned jewel makes its way in the heart of London as the prime party venue of choice. The interior is a luxurious space with leather banquettes and moody lighting.


DSTRKT Dress code for the Ladies:


Aim for an elegant look ladies! Show off your best assets, create an elegant, impeccably tidy hairdo, and nice makeup! Take this time to shine! Classy make-up is recommended : lipstick, eye make up and so on. All that can make you more beautiful than you are every day.


Pick your best dress, wear those heels, and accentuate your look with accessories. During beautiful days, dare the color and the printed matters. Color will know how to emphasize your complexion, and will distinguish you from all other women on the DSTRKT guestlist.


If you want to change the pants of archetypal evening have a fluid cutting. Ample and generally of black color, it is flared or straight. be unable to resist a sexy top, naked back or Low-necked t-shirt. The fluid pants give an aspect combination, if it is a material similar to the top.


DSTRKT Dress code for the Gents :


Tuxedo, black tie, dinner dress, 007 duds, penguin suit…whatever you call the most formal of dress codes (and we certainly hope it isn’t that last one), odds are you will never look better than when you’re dressed in this smart ensemble. Clean shirt, plaid trousers, and smart shoes. Elegance is key in order to start your party right at this premiere nightclub. Doormen can refuse entry if you do not dress accordingly, so make the effort.


 Last thing, be aware bouncers can choose who can enter or not. For legal reasons bouncers must check ID to ensure that prospective clients are of legal drinking age and that they are not already drunk. However, in this select club, bouncers may screen guests using criterias other than just age and intoxication status: dress code and guest list. So be patient, polite and adopt a correct behavior at the door.