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Pacha London

Guestlist and Table Bookings

Pacha Guestlist is gloriously sleek and industrial looking, with separate dance floors on multi-levels which offers a variety to it’s clubbers. There are private cabanas overlooking the main dance area, allowing a refreshing overview of the club. You can pop up there for a more tranquil vibe if you need a breather, or maybe just take the time to appreciate the flashing dancefloor lit up like a neon Rubix cube. Win. There is however an unusually steep stairwell, (a little forewarning for those who opt for a particularly high heel).

What if we told you that you could experience the lusciously liberating taste of Ibiza without the sticky RyanAir commute? Surely not. It’s not possible. Enter Pacha. Slap bang in the city centre in London’s Victoria, Pacha Guestlist has bagged itself the title of ‘Best London Dance Club’, and good golly isn’t it just? At a relatively pricey entry of £20 and girls-night hotspot you’d be forgiven for expecting a sedate night of white wine spritzers, but oh no, Pacha Guestlist consistently knocks it out of the park offering a relentless night on the tiles. Obviously quite chuffed with Pacha Guestlist Ibiza embodiment, RyanAir actually offers ‘Pacha Guestlist Passes’ to those returning from the island itself. If that’s not a good sign- I don’t know what is! Even those of you who try to avoid the commercial, ‘mainstream’ scene, will find it pretty difficult to complain here. The music is always diverse and exciting, maintaining a fully packed out dancefloor at all times. Depending on who you are, that may or may not be a good thing. Personally, we say think festival, yet some may find it more straitjacket. With chains in Miami, Ibiza and Barcelona, Pacha London is notoriously popular, so consequently there’s likely to be a wee bit of a queue, but we like to take that as indication of a decent venue. Depending on the night, you could expect to see anything from live DJ appearances to dancers and fire shows. Pacha Guestlist sure knows how to keep things interesting. Pacha London showcases London’s up-and-coming underground talent as well as displaying the best of Electro, House, Techno and R’N’B out there. The sound system is impeccable. You’re looking to pay a fiver for a small beer, although you can nab 2 shots for £7. Overall, it’s pretty standard London pricing, so can’t complain there. Pacha Guestlist also hosts student nights for the more financially cautious, so keep your eyes peeled for those. An indisputably entertaining night out, we think Pacha is up there with the best of them. It’s fun and light-hearted atmosphere will definitely keep you on your feet until the early hours. We would probably recommend taking cash as it’s more than easy to spend over a hundred quid in here – ouch! But one thing’s for sure, you’ll certainly sure enjoy spending it!


Pacha 338 Address : Pacha, Terminus Place, Victoria, SW1V 1JR What are Pachas Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 5am Pacha Dress Code: Relaxed Guestlist details /Standard Entry Tables: Available to book Pacha policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above Membership: Everybody Age restriction: Over 18s

Studio 338

Guestlist & Table Bookings

Studio 338

Well well well- it seems Greenwich has gone all Pete Tong. But no- not in the cockney rhyming slang sense my friends, ohhh no. After a whopping multi-million pound refurb meaning it is now fully kitted out to cater to an impressive capacity of 3000, we give you Studio 338: Greenwich’s very own all night rave-terrace. With levitating bass and a glass ceiling above the main dance floor, you’d be completely mad to miss watching the sunrise amongst the sea of madly dancing arms at South East’s favourite dance music venue.

Studio 338s Guestlist USP is its distinctly different atmosphere, likened to Ibiza’s own popular hotspot ‘Space’. The glass ceiling means you can dance under the stars and keep on going right through to sunrise. There’s something exhilarating about watching the spectacular vista of oranges, pinks and reds beaming down over the equally pink faces of exhausted party-hards.

The Open air vibe here means at Studio 338 Guestlist, it’s festival season all year round. There’s a real vastness to the venue which makes it very reminiscent of being right in the thick of it at a gig. This is however, the kinda venue where heels are just an accident waiting to happen really- unless you want to be a human popsicle that is. We thought not.

One particular banger to look out for is Studio 338 Guestlist’s ‘Regression session’. Bouncy castles, outdoor space hoppers, glitter cannons, laser displays and facepainting. All the fun of the fair, but this time you get to do it with a beer in your hand. Winning.

We wouldn’t recommend going if you’re worried about getting a little sweaty. Studio 338 is the kind of place where you’ve gotta get involved- so it’s certainly not one for the lady muck’s amongst us. It’s just that which gives Studio a real free-spirited holiday vibe. No pretension, no judgement, no worries. Plus- your money is definitely not wasted here as you get a full 8 hours of mayhem at Studio 338 Guestlist. With doors opening at 10pm, you’re set free to do as you wish right through ‘til 6am. ‘This sounds like a recipe for disaster’ I hear you say. Actually no. Adopting a new door-picking scheme, this astute Greenwich venue ensures that only “good souls” make the cut and are granted entry. By doing this, Studio 338 Guestlist ensure that the vibe inside (or rather outside) remains totally unscathed. Clearly prevention is better than cure. You go Glen Coco.

Also, fun fact: Studio 338 Guestlist’s founder wishes to remain completely anonymous. Cool and intriguing or perhaps a little shady? Who knows.. We’ll think about it on route to the bar!

With a mega VOID soundsystem, which we think is likely to be worth more than all our childhood homes combined, Studio 338s Guestlist impeccable sound is practically euphoric. This certainly isn’t overlooked by the professionals either as Studio 338 Guestlist draws in world-class techno and house DJs as well as a fierce list of up-and-comers from the underground scene like Marc ‘MK’ Kinchen, Kevin Saunderson and Kate Simko!

Being within hailing distance of the O2 arena (which we all know is tourist territory) Studio’s drinks menu may be a little steep in comparison to some of the other London haunts and you maaaay experience a little queue for the bar but don’t let that be a deterrent! With it’s 3000 person capacity there’s certainly more than enough people to keep you occupied during the wait. Bored of the wet blanket on your left? Not a problem because ‘Look!’ There’s 2999 more.

Studio 338 Guestlist is an inevitably messy night and certainly has found it’s niche amongst other ‘warehouse’ competitors. It’s electric atmosphere really gives you that mushy ‘these are the moments I’m going to remember’ feeling.. at least it does until you get a big sweaty pat on the back from the affectionate dude next to you- that pretty much brings you back to earth.

What with 2015’s new 24 hour tube travel, we’re hard pushed to find a reason for you not to go to be honest. An invigorating (but sweaty) party of like-minded people dancing until the sun looms overhead and losing their minds to some filthy beats and bass. Now. Get in the shower ya’ filthy animal.


Studio 338 Address : Studio 338, 338 Tunnel Ave, Boord Street, SE10 0PF

What are Studio 338s Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 6am

Studio 338 Dress Code: Relaxed

Guestlist details /Standard Entry

Tables: Available to book

Studio 338 policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s