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Dolce Guestlist Friday

Dolce Guestlist Friday

Dolce guestlist Friday nights is the ultimate party destination if you're looking for a high end VIP club in west London. The club is a high end VIP nightclub designed to cater to London's most elite clientele. Guests range from A list celebrities to the most well respected members of Chelsea's social groups. Notable Hollywood A-list actors and famous music stars have been spotted entering the famous Dolce entranceway.

The Dolce Friday guestlist is the only way to gain access to the exclusive Friday nights at Dolce club London. Fridays happen to be one of the signature nights hosted by Dolce. The club is the place to be if you're out on a Friday night.

Dolce club London is a super high end venue with a huge amount of character that hasn't been replicated at any other nightlife spot around the world either before or after its opening. The decor of the club is second to none. As well as this, the attention to detail is impressive and the staff are on hand to tend to your every need.

The music on Friday nights at Dolce is a mix of the top R&B and hiphop and dance tunes impeccably spun by some of London's most famous DJs. An incredible atmosphere is guaranteed on Friday nights and the crowd is always appreciative.

You wil certainly not be disappointed once joining the Dolce guestlist Friday night and will enjoy the Dolce vibes until the early hours. You can also opt to book a table at Dolce which ensures you have seating for the duration of the night and and area to gather with your friends and buy bottles to make your night extra special.

Entry Price At Dolce

£20 entry price on theDolce guestlist. Some early arriving guests may have discretionary complimentary entry.


Dolce Address: 17A Harrington Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3ES

Opening Time: 10pm - 3am

Dress Code: Smart casual attire. Smart shoes, no trainers or streetwear.

Table Prices: From £500 minimum spend plus cover charges.


Cuckoo Club Guestlist Friday

Cuckoo Club Guestlist Friday

Cuckoo Club guestlist Fridays is the ticket to an amazing night out at one of London's most famous VIP clubs. The high end venue on Swallow street is 2 floors suited to its stylish European clientele. Discreetly hidden just off Regent Street, you'll see the large queue of well dressed guests waiting to join the Cuckoo Club guestlist or for their table reservation.

Cuckoo Club has been taken over by new management. The team behind top clubs like Scandal and Toy Room - Luca Maggiora, Corrado Mozzillo and others have reinvented the venue. It is once again one of the most in demand nightspots. You'll need to apply early therefore to get your spot on the guestlist as there are limited spaces.

The music at Cuckoo Club Friday nights is a mix of different styles. Both the top floor and the basement floor provide something for everything. R&B and HipHop as well as specialist house music can be heard for guests on the Cuckoo Club guestlist Friday nights.

The crowd is one of the main attractions of Cuckoo Club. It's a predominantly European crowd, well dressed, stylish and affluent. The guests make up the fantastic atmosphere that you can always enjoy on a Friday night in the venue. Many guests eminate from France, Italy, Sweden and other European countries.

We recommend checking out Fridays at Cuckoo Club. If you've been on other nights you'll know how good the club can be, but you need to experience Friday especially as it's one of their signature nights. You'll have an amazing time and will want to return to the nightclub as soon as possible!

Friday Entry Price At Cuckoo Club

£20 entry price on the Cuckoo Club guestlist.


Cuckoo Club Address: Swallow street, W1B 4EZ

Opening Time: 10pm - 3am

Dress Code: Smart casual. Smart shoes, no trainers.

Table Prices: From £1k minimum spend plus cover charges.


Raffles Chelsea Guestlist Saturday

Raffles Chelsea Guestlist Saturday

Joining the Raffles Chelsea guestlist Saturday means access to the hottest nightspot in west London. At the end of Kings Road lies Raffles which is reknowned for being the best and most exclusive club in the area. You'll find top DJs playing to a highly select crowd of stylish and classy guests on Saturday nights. Saturday is of course the businest night of the week so you can be sure of a top party to round off the week.

Raffles Chelsea was established in 1967 and since then has gone from strength to strength. It was renovated completely in 2018 with a new look and feel. You will enjoy the experience of being on the Raffles Chelsea guestlist Saturday nights as it means you'll have access to the main club and dancefloor area. You might even want to book a VIP table fo make the experience even more memorable.

Some of the well known DJs that have performed at Raffles Chelsea on Saturdays include Pete Tong, Black Coffee, Erik Morillo and Roger Sanchez. Saturdays are known for their house music while occasionally you'll hear some more commercial R&B and hip hop.

The club is an ideal venue to celebrate a classy night out or even a birthday with friends. You may want to hire their private room upstairs or simply join the Saturday night guestlist. Raffles continues to be the ultimate place to visit for a night of Chelsea clubbing and will keep the party going until the early morning.

Raffles Chelsea Guestlist Saturday Entry Price

£20 entry price on the Raffles Chelsea guestlist.


Raffles Chelsea Address: 287 King's Road, London, SW3 5EW

Opening Time: 10pm - 3am

Dress Code: Smart casual. Smart shoes, no trainers.

Table Prices: From £500 minimum spend plus cover charges. Cover charges are £20 per guest.


Raffles Chelsea Guestlist Friday

Raffles Chelsea Guestlist Friday

Raffles Chelsea guestlist Friday night is your ticket to an exclusive night out in the heart of Kings Road. This well-known private members club has been the top party spot in Chelsea since it was opened many years ago. After its 2018 refurbishment and new management takeover, Raffles is once again the place you will want to be seen on a Friday night.

Friday night at Raffles Chelsea is always one of the most popular times to visit. You can be sure of a wild night among Chelsea's elite. The clientele are always well dressed and out to party. You'll want to arrive early as often the queues can be very long as demand is exceptionally high on Friday nights. Ultimately thought the wait is worth it and the Raffles Chelsea Friday guestlist will gain you access.

The music at Raffles Chelsea on Friday nights is typically dependant on the theme of the night. Often Raffles will have exclusive DJs playing sets. The club is well known for booking famous House DJs and it's one of the best VIP clubs for House music on Fridays.

The club is split onto 2 floors. The main floor is the club part of Raffles Chelsea. Upstairs is a private room which can accomodate around 100 guests for private events. It also is the room for afterparties following the main night downstairs. As the club has a late licence, often the party continues until 5am!

Raffles Chelsea Guest list Friday Entry Cost

Entry fees are £20 on the Raffles Chelsea guestlist.


Raffles Address: Raffles, 287 King's Road, London, SW3 5EW

Opening Times: 10pm - 3am

Dress Code: Smart casual.

Tables: From £500 minimum spend plus cover charges. Cover charges are £20 per person, which you can pay on the door or add to your bill.