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Author: Lori

The Qube Project Guestlist & Table Bookings

The Qube Project Guestlist & Tables


London shed a mighty tear when one of the last bastions of clubbing closed down in Victoria back in early 2014 leaving the area desolate; but wait, who's that coming to the rescue? It's The Qube project guestlist team, f*ck yeah! From the dying embers of what was once one of London’s hottest clubbing districts, rises the mighty phoenix which is The Qube Project. Situated mere seconds away from Victoria station this new pinnacle of rave promises what will be an nightly gala of ass shaking, ear smashing, and toe tappingly good times.

The Club

Without the fairly substantial que outside the venue, Qube would blend seamlessly into the sleek business like architecture of the surrounding area. The ultra-modern design doesn’t stop at the door however, with bare metal beams, a Fabric style room overlooking a lower dancefloor, miraculously pristine leather sofas in the vip areas and mesmerizing light displays Qube has the upcoming super-club style down to a t. The layout continues this theme, with a sizeable smoking area for those well deserved breathers, multiple rooms in which to boogie down that although are visible from each other, somehow do not leak any sound. Art installations and 3D video mapping add another element to the experience, making this one of the most aesthetically focused clubs in the city.


Qube is certainly a place any die hard clubber should check out. Whether you’re looking to find yourself a sexy friend to have some fun with or simply dance the night away into the early hours The Qube Project guestlist has everything you’ll need in spades. The club doesn’t get into full swing until 11pm on most nights so expect to be walking home in the blinding sunlight a little worse for wear, that’s if you haven't already sneaked home with a new friend. As the night progresses the club will get rather intimate as the people continue to pack in. But fear not the vibe stays friendly and everyone is there simply to have a good time, a vibe that is encouraged by staff and DJ’s alike.

The Music

The drinks are priced as you’d expect from an upcoming club in the heart of London, with singles and beers running at just shy of a fiver. There is however a substantial range available compared to many clubs who offer pints or tinnies. Each room also has its very own bar, so if queuing for half your night tends to ruin your buzz, have no fear. Qube is set to match it’s rivals on the DJ front, pulling some fantastic names. With a bespoke Martin Audio sound system that really comes into it’s own in the ground floor room, music afficionados will not be left wanting. Some great names in the world of house and techno appear on the events list, and they will no doubt be a contender for the best names in London in no time.

Bussey Building Guestlist & Table Bookings


Bussey Building

This place was nearly demolished in 2007, but good thing it wasn't; otherwise where would we go for some of London's greatest parties? Before you answer that with the name of your favourite club, shut up; Bussey Building is fantastic. Also known as the Bussey Warehouse or the CLF Art Café, this place has it all. Theatre, paintings, drawings, live music, dancing, you name it and Bussey Building has it. Like a grocery store of clubbing, only this one you can buy booze after hours; you go in for one thing and spend hours doing another.

The Club

What used to be a warehouse that made cricket bats has been a hot clubbing site and entertainment venue for a few years now. This place is pretty big; it can fit almost 1,000 people inside, though it's not like they're all crammed into one room. Bussey building has quite a few rooms that can be rented out, and often there is even more than one party going on. It also comes with a 5,000 square foot rooftop, making it ideal for watching any fireworks that happen to be nearby. Just make sure you're not so drunk you fall of trying to grab at the fireworks. That'd make an interesting story in The Evening Standard.

The Vibe

Now you think that a building as old as this with such rich history would be reserved for only the educated and that it would only hold hipster snobs? Far from the truth, Judgey McJudgerson! This club is very laid back and unpretentious, and great for a place to find like-minded people who are out to have a good time. Just make sure that you are dressed right; the door staff are nice and friendly, but will not be afraid to turn you away if you're not dressed in smart casual. But hey, at least they'll be polite about it.

The Music

Electronic music of any kind is Bussey Buiilding's speciality. Drum and bass, house, techno; if you're an electronica junkie than you absolutely must make Bussey House a stop on your clubbing list. Sometimes they throw in a bit of soul and 90's hits, but their main focus is anything synthesized through a computer. And they often have guest DJs, so you know you won't be hearing the same-old same-old every weekend. Bussey Building has all of your standards and favourites; wines, beers, spirits, and all of the common cocktails and mixers are here. So maybe the drinks will be same-old same-old, but you could always mix it up and have a different mixer every night; you're in Bussey Building, may as well get creative; just remember that green is not a creative colour. Drinks here are affordable; on occasion they have specials like £2.50 drinks all night, giving you more than enough reason to take a hammer to your piggy bank that holds all of your loose change. Bussey Building is where you go when you want to get it all done in one place. Want to catch some theatre? Catch an evening show and then go clubbing. Maybe you want a comedy night? Laugh your arse off, then go for a drink and hit the dance floor. Or just come here from the start and groove to some great beats while hanging out with genuinely nice people sipping on a reasonably priced cocktail. Unless you're so unreasonably picky that you can't be bothered, Bussey Building is your next destination for a great night out clubbing in London.