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Information About The Mahiki Dress Code


Mahiki Dress Code


If you are looking for an unusual night out with a tropical vibe, the Mahiki guestlist is the place to be. It’s one of the main celebrity hang outs in London, visited by stars like Rita Ora, Rihanna and Beyonce. But once you decide on spending your night in this holiday paradise, you have to get familiar with the Mahiki dress code. The Hawaiian decor and summery vibes might make it seems like a really laid back place, but you couldn’t be any more wrong! To gain your entry to Mahiki, you have to make sure you look smart and sexy! So what are you supposed to wear to fit into this high end Mayfair club? Here are few tips that will help you to get to know rules of the Mahiki dress code.


Mahiki’s bar is very Tiki, full with tropical creations and Polynesian inspired decor makes you feel like you were on holidays in Hawaii. But don’t think you can rock the dancefloor with your sandals on! The club expects their guests to dress to impress with it’s strict smart dress code. Obviously you don’t have to wear a ballgown, but you have to make an effort if you decide to party here. High heels for girls and smart shoes for guys is the most important rule of the Mahiki dress code. It is important that your look matches the image of the venue. The door people at the club take their job very seriously and they will make sure only people who follow Mahiki’s dress code won’t be turned down at the entrance.


If you are a girl make sure that:
  • Your makeup is on point and eyebrows on fleek! However don’t overdo it. Too many layers on your face won’t do you any favours.
  • Your outfit is classy! You could never go wrong with a fitted dress, however jeans and crop top combo is good too. Feel free to compliment your outfit with fancy accessories. (Top tip: always remember the rule of showing off just one part of your body).
  • You have your heels on!
  • Your hair is flawless. Fancy bun, romantic waves or sleek straight hair? There are a lot of ways to look fabulous and a great hair style could be a cherry on top of your amazing outfit.
  • Did we mention high heels?

    If you are a guy, always remember:
  • Smart look is the best look. The sharper the better.
  • Your best shirt and elegant trousers are the safest pick, however dark jeans are acceptable too if they are fitted right. Baggy jeans are definitely a no-no!
  • Put your best smart shoes on. No runners or athletic shoes whatsoever.
  • Leave your hat and gold chain at home.
  • Jerseys or any other sportswear will not be accepted.
  • Even though it’s a tropical night out, shorts are definitely not an option.

    These are most important things you should know about the Mahiki dress code, however there is one more thing worth mentioning. Remember not to arrive drunk at the club, because no matter how good you look, a great outfit won’t get you in if your speech is slurred. A good attitude at the door will definitely do you more good than harm, so remember that it’s always important to be polite. It all may sound like a lot of effort but once you are past the velvet ropes and find yourself inside this holiday paradise of a nightclub sipping a tropical cocktail you will know it was all worth it!




    Tape Entry Fee & Table Prices

      Tape Entry Fee & Tape Table Prices  

    Entry Fee

    Tape entry fee depends on the time of arrival. Typically girl guests who have joined the guestlist will be admitted into the club free of charge before midnight - this is usually dependent on the night. Guys on the guestlist always pay a standard £20 entry fee. Please note that the entry fee is down to the door's discretion. On special artist nights the entry fee may increase due to the demand. We offer a very selective guestlist at Tape and you can apply below.

    Table Prices

    Table prices depend on the day of the table booking, the size of the group, the type of table and the guy:girl ratio of the group. Standard table prices start from £1000 minimum spend for evenly mixed groups of up to 10. VIP Tape table prices start from £2000 minimum spend for evenly mixed groups of up to 10. Where the guy:girl ratio is uneven please contact us to find out what would be the table price for your booking. Like the entry fee, on special artist nights the table prices may also increase. We offer a table booking service for Tape and you can book below.  


    Address : Tape, 17 Hanover Square, London W1S 1HU

    Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3:30am

    Guestlist Dress Code: Smart

    Membership: Everybody

    Age restriction: Over 18s