Spotted: Kourtney Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan at Lou Lou’s



Kourtney was just staying a few days in London, but she already has been out clubbing. Thursday morning she was seen with some extremely big sunglasses and a baseball cap of Kanye West. Maybe a hangover? She was wearing a big white pullover, leggings and some sneakers - she was obviously very tired! The reason for this is that she went out with - in her words “long lost twin”- Lindsay Lohan until 4 am.


They went together to a restaurant and after that then to Mahiki then to the private club “Lou Lou`s” in Mayfair. Both looked amazing in their dresses. Kardashian was wearing a very short leather dress and Lohan a very colorful, V-cut dress in red and blue. By the way the black dress is from Fendi`s and can be bought for just £5960 - for all of them who can afford it. They had lots of fun which you can see on the pictures, for example a snapchat picture with some flower crowns. Jimmy Carr, Chloe Simms, Robert Tchenguiz and Hofit Golan were at “Lou Lou`s” that night, as well.


The actress and the reality star seemed to be a great team together - perhaps one can see them more often together next time. And if you celebrate until 4 am and look so fantastic like Kourtney did, it’s fine to wear something casual for your journey back to the US on the next morning, isn't it?