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Tonteria Club London Dress Code

Tonteria Club London Dress Code

Being such a unique and extravagant club, the Tonteria club London dress code also invites you to be impressive and outstanding. Here, people dress to impress, with colourful and lavish clothing and accessories, reflecting the luxury and exclusivity of the place. However, no matter the outfit, one thing is necessary: elegance and style. 

Avoid casual and athletic attire for the gentlemen, as you probably won't be allowed in. Good outfit options lay on the spectrum of business casual:

  • button-down or v-neck shirts with chinos and dressier pants; 
  • a blazer to elevate the elegance; 
  • if you're going more fashionable, make sure to wear what is trending at the moment.
  • Avoid wearing hats, open-toe shoes like sandals, and shorts. 

For the ladies, exploring the creative side of your wardrobe will definitely make you feel unique, which Tonteria vouches for. However, there are always those outfits that never run out of style and that make you look elegant:

  • cocktail dresses with high-heels 
  • one-piece bodysuit
  • skirt and blouse

If you don't know what to wear, check out Tonteria's social media accounts for outfit inspirations. This is one of the most exclusive clubs in London, so make sure you look at the part to belong with the crowd. Also, remember to wear something comfortable enough to spend hours bouncing on the dance floor — clothes that are too elegant may also be uncomfortable, so find a balance between luxury and cosiness.