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We all know that celebrities love a good party… London is a great place when you’re after a fun night out and celebrity sightings with all the exclusive clubs around! Below are the recent celebrity appearances in London nightclubs!


Marnie Simpson was spotted at DSTRKT having a quite friendly chat with footballer Jamie O’Hara. She was rocking a tight tan jumpsuit, and looked absolutely amazing!


Cirque le Soir is one of the most popular celebrity hang-outs. Niall Horan was seen leaving the swanky night club around 2.30 am...accompanied with three mysterious girls. He was more than happy to get a few snaps in the taxi while lovely ladies were getting in!


Paris Hilton and Sophia Richie were enjoying London’s nightlife with a Tape table booking. Two girls were photographed walking into the nightclub holding hands. Paris always makes sure she looks super stylish…Even though it was night time she was still wearing her designer sunglasses when entering the club with Sophia.


Nicole Scherzinger was spotted leaving Paper. She she looked fabulous with her hair tied in a fancy top knot. Oversized white blazer jacket and black flared trousers made a good combo! But it wouldn’t be like Nicole not to add a little bit of spice to the outfit with a sexy crop top...


Another celebrity seen out clubbing was Kate Moss. Supermodel was seen enjoying a night out at China Tang in Mayfair. She was wearing a very classy all-black outfit. I can tell, wide trousers are clearly becoming a hit with celebrities lately!