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DJ Simon Leigh @ Aura Mayfair Saturday 1st March


This Saturday we have another massive weekend in store at Aura Mayfair with resident DJ Simon Leigh back behind the decks steering the Aura Ship!

With not only his shop suits and shop sounds DJ Simon lee will keep you partying right until the close with a selection of unique R&B hip-hop and house music

As always we invite all of our velvet PR guests onto our hosting table where you can find a selection of vodka cocktails being served throughout the night

Book your guest list below and one of the team will confirm all the details in an email

Fill out the guestlist form below to book your guestlist!

Ladies are free before 11pm Gents £20 (all night)



I.D. is required by guests of ALL AGES. This is part of the clubs agreement with the relevant licensing authorities and/or police. Entry to any venue is always at the venue management discretion and subject to the venue door policies. Entry is never guaranteed by


AURA - 48-49 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1JT



FYF Fashion AVOID! Scam Fake


Finding Your Feet


Finding your feet fashion or  is a scam and we would like to let everyone know to avoid using this so-called charity. After working on a project with finding your feet fashion for over a year and many hours of work spent building in the developing the FYI fashion website we would have been strung along for well over a year and have not received payment for the hard work and time that was invested in building sites

This is not the first or last time that finding your feet has used a charity as a front in our opinion to use services for nonexistence payment.


Finding your feet fashion is a scam and unless you want to be ripped off as we have we would strongly advise against using this website for any charitable purposes or for any services that they claim to provide

Anybody looking to get into the industry we believe that this is a fake charity set out to request services and not pay for them.

It appears that finding your feet fashion is planning events throughout £2014 we feel it is our duty to warn others against being scam ripped off as we have in the future




My 28th Birthday Party @ Aura Mayfair 29th March

It is that time again to celebrate another year of getting older and i will be hitting the big 28 on the 26th March this yeah so will be celebrating at Aura Mayfair on Saturday 29th March.

For those that have attended my parties previously you will know what to expect and i spare jp expense ensuring everyone is well looked after and i will be putting a kitty behind the bar for champagne and vodka for everyone to thank you for all attending. I plan on living up to my name as the Champagne King on this night... Pictures of my previous birthdays below!

If everyone can arrive for 10pm promptly that would be appreciated just makes life easier and means i don't need to have to keep coming up to the door to etc everyone in etc!

The party will be held at Aura Mayfair which has been my home for the last 4 years which is 49 St James Street



If you would like to attend please just fill out the form below and i can send your invitations.




If you are looking for something just that little bit different this Friday at Aura Mayfair we have a unique events just for you

With many of the universities promoter across London all joining together for this one off occasion you'll be sure that Bubble Wonderland will be in events not to be forgotten any time soon

As the name suggests not only is London's favourite resident DJ Simon Leigh behind the decks are you could be partying in the unique environment where bubbles  will be everywhere to give you an exoerience you wont forget in a hurry! Book your guest list below and for any additional information feel free to email us directly.

All guests must be on the Guestlist.

Ladies FREE before 11pm, Guys £20 all night.



Guestlist and Table Bookings

Disco Soho

At the end of the 70s, people were sure that disco, with it’s tall afros and platform shoes and cheesy dance moves, had finally died out. Well, turns out it didn’t; it just went into hiding, and has re-emerged as a new London nightclub that everyone is talking about. Disco, located in Soho and open three nights a week, is all about throwing an exclusive retro party hold the cheese. No, if you want that then we’re sure you can go find a 70s porn moustache at one of the many sex shops close to Picadilly Circus.

Careful or you’ll miss this one; the only thing that distinguishes this club from everything around it is a colourfully painted door and a small orange neon sign; the rest is just brick building that could easily be mistaken for something boring. Inside though you get the full package of the disco era; lights, funkadelic wall art, a chequered dance floor, and booths with tacky animal print. There are disco balls in various places, including the large painted booth where the DJ is stationed. Yes, the DJ spins from inside a giant disco ball. Only in Soho.

Disco has now become ever so popular and is the disco style is something that although has been lost amongst a sea of RnB. Disco has never been lost and is now making its comeback in the form of disco club London

Disco club London is set right in the heart of Soho in the fashionable kingly court and as the name does suggest we advise you to bring out the platform boots from the back of the cupboard and head over to this exclusive nightclub haunts and nights of cool disco vibes mixed any exclusive nightclub surroundings

Disco club London celebrates original disco vinyl musics flavour taking you back to 1970s Manhattan. The interior of disco club London would certainly be considered creative with Pan Am style check-in desks just one of the many focal points within the club. The styling is so unique and is at every corner is an interesting decorative piece that is sure to wow you!

Disco is slowly rising to fame; former members of the Spice Girls have been seen partying here. Drag queens and transgenders have been known to meet up here as well, making this place ideal for anyone sporting an LGBT button on their bag. And while dressing smart is the best way to go they always encourage patrons to put on their most retro fancy dress. Since the club prefers members only maybe dressing up isn’t a bad idea; if it’s really well put together it could land you on the good side of those in charge and gain you entry. Just be ready for that Soho snobbery if you’re lucky enough to get in.

The pictures although as you an see look amazing really do not do justice to the attention to details that Disco Club London has invested.

The disco theme does not just extend to the creative atmosphere but also in the retro 70s champagne and cocktail list which also serves cocktails in vintage glitterballs.  This venue attracts an exclusive clientele however does encourage fancy dress as long as it is within the hip 70s style and not a cheesy take that you will find in less exclusive venues in London

If by now you’re thinking that Disco plays anything other than disco, then we’ll have to slap you for being stupid. And if they had actually named themselves Disco and strayed away from actually playing any disco then we’d have to slap them instead. Everything here is spun on a vinyl record player just as it would have been in the 70s, making even the hardcore hipsters slink away and ponder their existence.

A fully stocked bar makes for one insane night at Disco, but then again what part of Soho isn’t insane? Again, it wouldn’t be the Soho brand of crazy if it weren’t for their prices. Cocktails will run you between £12-14, though if you are willing to spring for it we suggest the Michael Jackson, a tribute to the finer years of his life. There’s another brand of crazy for you; Wacko Jacko crazy, and that’s the type of crazy you don’t want to be, even in Soho.

Disco is where you go if you want to go out for a retro party with fancy dress and groovy tunes galore. This place proves that disco is not dead and that it doesn’t always have to be about cheesy music and big afros and bad style and…wow, we could go on for quite awhile. Yes, Disco is proof that the 70s can be cool. So sit back, drink your expensive cocktail and get ready to party like it’s 1979. And leave your porno moustache you got at Spankarama at home, please.


Disco Address : Disco, 13 Kingly Ct, W1B 5PW

What are Disco Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Disco Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Disco policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Kitsch London unveiled onto London’s nightlife scene late September 2013.

c30ad1_db51042e7a474bcfbf7d6c1e6237ad0d.jpg_srz_p_817_313_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 (1)

Poised in the heart of Mayfair this boutique member’s catacomb with a team of nightlife impresarios at the helm aims to fuse music & entertainment into a sensual art form for you to find or lose your soul. Revel amidst the aesthetically formed interiors and theatrics where top international DJ’s amplify each night alongside unparalleled service and an electric atmosphere.


All guests must be on the Guestlist.

Ladies FREE before 11pm, Guys £20 all night.


Guy D'Angelo @ Clique DSTRKT Tuesdays


 Join us this Tuesday where we continue the ever popular clique district Tuesdays. This Tuesday we have the global success of Guy D'Angelo in charge of the music so you can be sure for a great night and dancing all night!

You can get on the guestlist for this popular event by filling in the contact form belo

Join us this Tuesday for London’s most famous mid week party. Clique  Tuesdays at London Bar & Cub Awards 2013 Best Bar & Club DSTRKT. Over the last month we were joined by Will I Am, Tulisa, Brandy, Natasha Beddingfield, Chelsee Healey, Joey Essex, Tom Pearce, James Diags, The Eastenders and Skins cast and Marcus Collins. Who will be there this week?

The regeneration of Piccadilly is apace with the renaissance of one of Europe’s premier and exciting locations for dining and night life. This continues with the opening of the £25 Million Dstrkt venue, voted Best New Restaurant and Lounge 2012 taking it’s place amongst London’s night life crown jewels.

All guests must be on the Guestlist.

Ladies FREE before 11pm, Guys £20 all night.



Stuntman in the wrong neighbourhood...

The best bit of the winter olympics so far

Probably should have laid off the curry before going out on the ice...