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Author: Mathilde

Best Soho bars

Do you want to hanging out with your friends in one of the best district of London? Soho is such an incredible place to party and there are always very good vibes there. You will find all kind of bars, restaurants and clubs! We have selected for you some of the best soho bars.




  The first one is called the 68 and Boston and this is a wine and cocktail bar in the heart of Soho, that's the best wine bar of the district! This place was conceptualized by Eric Yum Martin Malley and Luca Cordiglieriwho who are among the most experienced in the wine and cocktails field. The bar contains so much of the best wine of the entire world and prices are very reasonable. The place is divided into two parts, downstairs there is the wine bar with a selection of the best wines which are all at the same price (£5.50 for the glass, £14 for the carafe and £20 for the bottle). At the first floor there is the cocktails bar in a wonderful subdued room. Cocktails are so original, you will find cuttlefish ink Martini for exemple! The Staff is so nice and there is always a good atmosphere… We let you the surprise to discovering the decoration which is just perfectly adapted to the place!


Location: 5 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4DD  




    The second of the best soho bars is the very cute and atypical Termini Bar which is specialized in coffee and cocktails. Cocktails are managed by Tony Conigliaro an alco-alchemist and coffee is managed by Marco Arrigo, the quality responsible for Illy. These guys are really passionate about their work and we can feel it, that's their because of their investment that the Termini is one of the best Soho bar today! The place can host 25 people approximately and they have some good food (baked products during the day and meats or cheese during the night like burrata and beef carpaccio). This bar is reputed to be a cosy, authentic and characterful place with a great service and a relaxed atmosphere.


Location: 7 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 5JE




The third place that we have selected for the best bars in soho is called the Opium bar and it is a secret place…! It is not easy to found but that's so funny to discover the best secret place of Soho! This is a chic place in the heart of Chinatown, all the staff are professional and friendly, the atmosphere is cosy, fun and interesting! Lights are low and the decoration theme is oriental but with a touch of modernity. You will find 3 floors with amazing dim sum, Chinese cocktails and the bar is so impressive and beautiful! Food are adapted to the season, always fresh and delicious! This is the perfect place for a dinner with your friends or even for a date night! Location: 15-16, Gerrard St, London W1D 6JE  




  The last one of the best soho bars is called the Basement Sate and it is one of the finest bar located in Soho with its intimate and cosy atmosphere, exposed brick and dark wood… You are going to love this great place where there is the Paris charm, it is so appealing and lively, seats are so comfortable and the staff are always friendly and knowledgeable so they will give you the best advices for your cocktails and food choices. You will eat some delicious pies and amazing pastries, drink whatever you want (they have a great gin selection) and dancing during the night! Do not hesitate to go there with your date because this is a very romantic place. They have also pastry and cocktails classes where you can learn make the best french’s cakes!


Location: 8 Broadwick St, Soho, London W1F 8HN
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The Best Cure For A Hangover

best cure for a hangover


Who wouldn’t want party all night long, drink delicious cocktails and wake up in great shape…? Well, okay, it will be difficult to be in a completely good after a big alcoholic party but did you know that some remedies can help you to decrease the bad aspects of the hungover and be really helpful!? It can help your body to feel better and to remove the alcohol faster! Let's speak about the cure for a hangover!


Firstly, what is a hungover exactly? This name is non-medical and describes the negative aspects following the consumption of alcohol (nausea, fatigue, vomiting, headache, concentration difficulties, general feeling of unease, irritability, sensibility to light, anxiety…). The real term is “Veisalgia” and it comes from Norwegian and mean “a discomfort succeeding the debauchery”.


It is due to hormonal modifications, liberation of inflammatory molecules, dehydration, imbalance of the sugar rate in blood, stomach irritation and bad quality of sleep.


If you want to avoid a terrible hangover, during your party you can try to drink slowly and drink water to decrease the dehydration all night long between two alcohol glasses and drink 2 big glasses of water before sleeping. In the morning following your crazy dancing night, you have several solutions:


Firstly you can drink a ginger infusion, it is proven that is can decrease the nausea and the vomiting. You can incorporate honey into your infusion for the sugar which will increase the rate of glycemia as well as lemon, known for its benefits on digestion. For our best cure for a hangover, it is also recommended to eat eggs and asparagus which contain glutathione and alcohol dehydrogenase, useful to the elimination of the alcohol. To prevent nausea and avoid the aches you can drink coco water and energy drinks in order to increase your electrolytes rates. The alcohol lowers the blood sugar, it can provoke the sensation to be weak. An efficient remedy is the consumption of bread, rice, pasta or cereals. Another negative effect is the the decrease of the reserves of vitamins B which provokes anxiety, so you can take a multi-vitamins food complement. Mineral salts contained in tomato juice are also beneficial to get better. The next best cure for a hangover is the essential oil of peppermint which can also be very useful if you have a migraine, apply in 1 or 2 drops to the temples and rub slowly.


Contrary to some popular beliefs, drinking coffee is not a good idea. It is a diuretic product which dehydrates and worsens the hangover.


The best cure for a hangover which are the most efficient can vary from person to person, so you can try some of these and you will find the best adapted to yourself. Then, the best remedy is time so you should just take a break, sleep and time will help you to back on track!

Mahiki Kensington Dress Code

Mahiki Kensington dress code


Mahiki Kensington is a paradisiac place, it is a real tropical heaven with polynesian vibes located in the heart of Kensington. By following the Mahiki Kensington dress code you'll have the best chance of entry to this fabulous venue.


This is the perfect place to go if you want having fun and they have amazing fresh cocktails! A lot of celebrities went there (Lindsay Lohan Scarlett Johansson Rihanna and more..) You can go from Tuesday to Saturday, parties start around 11pm or you can book private rooms if you prefer. For those who want tranquility there are some private dining rooms which are very pleasant too.


About the entrance it is important to follow some rules: Even if the atmosphere is cool and the theme is the beach and the holidays, you can't wear short tongs or any beach clothes... By contrast, don't hesitate to add original accessories to your outfit.


-One of the most important rule is about your politeness and sobriety. Try to look as plain and nice as possible at the entrance.


-The Mahiki Kensington dress code for this island themed club is sexy and smart.


-The best clothes for ladies are their most sexy outfit to adhere to the Mahiki Kensington dress code! They can wear a beautiful dress and high feels or silky blouse with an elegant pant, or nice top and elegant shorts. About make-up and hair it is important to do an effort but do not overdo it is not necessary, just put mascara and eyeliner to eyelight your beautiful eyes!


-For men it’s good to wear some smart clothes too like a blazered shirt a jean and your most classy shoes. Try to look sharp and avoid runners shoes, baggy jeans or shorts and you'll have no problem with the Mahiki Kensington dress code.

Cafe de Paris Celebrities


Café de Paris welcome you in a decoration which mixes sovereign style and modernity.


Situated near Piccadilly Circus, you could spend lots a different party because they offer you different themed party. This elegant club is famous to organize the events and the most fantastic evenings with magic, funny show and comic shows.


The name of the place as a French place bring you in an atmosphere of French royalties that certainly the raison that you could meet celebrities there.


Café de Paris has celebrated the annual WhichBingo Awards 2017 the 27th of June.


⦁ Olivia Buckland hits popular London nightspot in a silky side-split dress with a plummeting neckline the 21th May 2017. She's a regular at top London nightspot Café de Paris.


⦁ Jack Wilshere was allegedly spoken to by the police after being involved in a row at a top London nightclub the 3rd April 2016.


⦁ P. Diddy, rihanna and Akon were spotted there as Allisson Williams and Jasmin Wallia


⦁ The Only Way Is Essex' cast member Billie Faiers celebrates her birthday at Cafe de Paris in London, England. Billie was celebrating her 22nd birthday.


⦁ Megan McKenna arrives at Cafe De Paris in London


⦁ Melissa Reeves at Birthday Party at Cafe de Paris in London in the 27th April


⦁ Louise Thompson – Welcome

Drama Celebrities



Drama as cirque le soir is one of the most popular hit club in the Mayfair London, a lot of celebrities like it!


Found at the prestigious, world-famous Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, Drama is a clubbing experience like no other. You could dance on House, Trance, DJ, Rock-Chic, Live music, in a private area, highlighting by lovely neon. As this chic borough, Drama attracted celebrities from all over the world.


⦁ Andy Murray parties until 4am with celebrities at Drama the 11th July 2016: he was reportedly put thousands of pounds behind the bar and the celebration included bottles of champagne decorated with sparklers.


⦁ Thibaut Courtois was spotted at the outside Mayfair nightspot Drama in the early hours of Friday 27 January 2017. Courtois attended Drama nightclub in Mayfair and was spotted at 1am on Friday morning


⦁ Gorgeous: Rihanna was seen leaving the Drama nightclub in London during the wee hours of Monday morning in a casual chic look the 27th June 2016.


⦁ Lindsay Lohan looks happy and relaxed in the UK and she continues to settle into life in London. She spends a party at Drama for Wonderland Magazine's 10th-anniversary party, in October 2015.


⦁ Stereophonics: We might be parents but we still like to party: and for that they have fun at Drama.

The Box Celebrities



The city of a thousand faces borders welcome you in a new concept club signed the Box. Situated in the heart of London, this famous club offer you not only a single night out but a real show: cabaret and circus shows as the same time as a night club party? Have you ever seen this before? It’s one of the most vogue club of the moment. London, Party, Originalities would also draw people attention…


⦁ Jude Law, Julien Macdonald, George Lamb and Mark Ronson, were spotted at The Boxe.


Brooklyn Beckham and Kate Moss leave trendy Soho nightspot The Box.


⦁ Prince Harry, Emma Watson and Keira Knightley have all danced until dawn at the celebrity hotspot.


⦁ Imogen Anthony appeared to forget her self-described 'selfish lover' boyfriend, radio host Kyle Sandilands, enjoying herself on a night out in London on Thursday.


⦁ There are also celebrities like Jude Law, Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles and Rihanna who are spotted there.


⦁ The Box Club attracts only good looking trendy crowd, included Leona Lewis, or Lady gaga.

Tape Celebrities


  Tape is the perfect club for people who want dance, and for fans of the sound. But it is also possible to meet some celebrities in the famous Tape ! In fact, this club was inspired by Dallas Austin, who produced seminal records for Madonna, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani, the music is the particularly showcase there. Amazing dancefloor, vip area, DJ, dancer slip on two levels.


For Tape, “everythings begins with music”!


⦁ Justin Bieber links up with Usain Bolt at London nightclub after Leicester Square premiere of new film 'I Am Bolt'. 29th November 2016


⦁ The One Direction singer was snapped as he left celeb hot spot Tape nightclub with three pals after the night out, just hours after meeting Drake at his gig. 16th February 2017


⦁ Rihanna and Drake kept fans guessing as the former lovebirds were seen leaving a London club at 6am: The singer and rapper joined X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, who was celebrating her 38th birthday at Tape London in the capital’s West End. 29th June 2016.


⦁ Nicole celebrated her 38th birthday at Tape London: June 2016


⦁ Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis were snapped at Tape London: The footballer was happy to get cosy with the bubbly beauty in the London hotspot: 26th June 2017.


⦁ Celebrity BFFs Niall Horan (from One Direction) and James Corden looked totally dapper as they enjoyed a night out in London together at the new celebrity hotspot ⦁ Tape London.


⦁ And of course, lots of Famous DJ’s and singers.


Toy Room Celebrities



In the famous district of Soho, Toy’s room club offer you a really playground decoration, with a lovely decor and new vibe.


It’s a real intimate nightclub with stylish lounge area. The music is RNB, and DJ’s Night. 6-foot toy mascot of “Frank the Teddy” matches the venue’s name. The club created also their owns cocktails, including the toy room signature. All is reunited to spend a special night which remember you, your best childhood dreams.


⦁ Seen Scott Disick leaving toy room the 1rst of June, with a brunette woman around 3:30 a.m.


⦁ Bolt was seen leaving the Toy Room night club, near Oxford Circus, in the early hours of Friday morning, just 24 hours after he had partied at the Embargo nightclub in Chelsea.


⦁ Bolt wasn't the only famous face partying at ⦁ London's Toy Room on Thursday night, as ⦁ One Direction star Harry Styles was seen leaving the club with a friend at about 4am.


⦁ Harry had been hosting a Dior Party in Old Brompton Road before heading to the nightclub


⦁ Celebrities like Jessie J and Lindsay Lohan love to party here!

Tonteria Express Celebrities



Located in Sloan square, Tonteria is just the madness Mexican tapas lounge. Famous for its tequilas train, it has a great press board of famous people, much appreciated by English and USA stars. The biggest celebrities seen in Tonteria Express are:


⦁ Princes William and Harry: 2nd June 2013


⦁ Pippa Middleton, Jessie J, Cressida Bonas, Axl Rose, Jerry Halliwell, Leonardo Dicaprio, Ashley Roberts, Henry Cavill, Justin Timberlake.


Paper Soho Celebrities


Enjoy the comeback of the favorite celebrity hotspot of Soho! Paper is happy to welcome you in its new home: Refreshing playground of the rich and famous peoples. The legendary celebrity nightclub Paper has been revitalised in Soho and hosted a lot of celebrities!


⦁ The Couture Club's 2nd Birthday Party this Tuesday at Paper Soho: 8th June 2017: Tina Stinnes, Helen Briggs, Chloe Paige, Terry Walsh Sam Callahan Jordan Davies and Scott Thomas and Bianca Gascoigne.


⦁ 26th june 2017 A nightclub which counted ⦁ Beyoncé, ⦁ Scarlett Johansson and ⦁ Rihanna among its A-list fans


⦁ Keira Knightley celebrated her 21st birthday at the venue and guests also included Sienna Miller, Jay Z, Natalie Portman and P Diddy.


⦁ The opening follows the closure of a series of venues, including Turnmills, Vibe Bar and Madame Jojo’s. Mayor ⦁ Sadiq⦁ Khan has appointed a night czar, Kenny West ⦁ Amy, ⦁ Lamé, to tackle the issue.


⦁ Stormzy celebrated his sold-out UK tour at Paper in Soho: 5th Mars 2017