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55 club London is  a guestlist and table only venue in soho london. 55 club operates a strict door policy and entry is strictly via the guestlist and also at the discretion of the door.


55 Club formerly nylon nightclub and Runway London has cemented itself in London as one of the most popular venues amongst promoters and guests alike. 55 Club London music policy is very much geared towards the rnb and hip hop music that its urban crowd prefer. Club 55 as some guests prefer to call it has been at the forefront of the club scene since 2009. This itself is very popular with the young cool and hip crowd and runs a fairly relaxed door policy in terms of dress code.

55 club London site is also housing the afterhours club BLC. It is a rather strange setup as come 2am the whole venues changes staff, door staff and becomes a completely separate club offering something completely different.

55 Club London has done well to establish itself in london amongst celebrities and despite previous owners of Runway leaving a bad lasting impression on the venue the new management has done well to look after the p[promoters that fill the doors on a weekly basis.


The best way to experience 55 club is to book a table in one of the many booths of the club that surround the main room and also the VIP section where table start from a £1000 minimum spend.


YOLO Fridays are one of the most popular nights at 55 club London and Velvet PR have been successfully running guestlists at 55 clubfor the past 2 years. Some of the celebrities that have held birthday parties at 55 club have included Nikki Minaj and Calum Best


Early arrival is essential and the doors open from 10pm and only let in the first 50 girls complimentary at the door!

The team behind 55 club have all come together from various clubs to make this the new celebrity hotspot of 2012. 55 club has a illuminating runway that goes through the centre of the club owing to its previous clubs name of Runway. Table can be booked directly on the runway and the official capacity of Runway is 360 guests. If you are feeling peckish throughout the ight then 55 club offers a wide variety of platters for all guests.


If you would like to be added onto the 55 Club London guestlist then use one of the contact methods below by either calling one of our team or using the guestlist booking form below.


If you want to attend 55 club then simply book your guestlist today using the guestlist form below. 55 club is also an after hours club that turns into BLC from 4am onwards. If you require a table booking for BLC nightclub then check out the website for the BLC Nightclub page.


Sold out saturdays at 55 club is the most popular night of the week and regularly books in big tables for some of London’s biggest spender. If you would like to book a table then you can do this below also using the booking form.





55 club London Opening days:Friday, Saturday... 
55 Club London Opening times:Fridays - Saturdays: 22:00 - 03:00
55 Club london Entry cost:£20
Entry type: Guest list only
Age restriction at 55 Club london:Over 18s
Capacity: 300 - 500 people
Dress codes:Smart dress only
Submit guestlist at 55 Club london by;11:30pm (for that day)
Special considerations
Available for hire, Table Booking, Large Groups
55 New Oxford Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1BS



Guestlist and Table Bookings


Mayfair's prestigious and classy Amika is famed worldwide for its opulent décor and dedication to pleasing the most affluent of clubbers. Epitomising decadence and luxury, Amika has bagged itself numerous accolades for it's unrivalled contribution to London nightlife and its faultlessly electric atmosphere has pleased punters time and time again ever since it's initial opening in 2007. After being relocated to the heart of the West End Amika has only continued to soar in success.

has actually developed itself as the beginning London member's location, constantly synonymous with elegant night life, bestowing an admirable and incomparable encounter upon patrons. Think sophisticated luxury. Entering the multi-storey club, you are met by a winding staircase which descends into the first of 3 rooms: The Chandelier Bar. The Chandelier Bar is low lit and almost sumptuously gothic made from black onyx and marble. There is then the beautifully crisp, all white cocktail bar and an exclusive VIP Champagne room which can only be accessed by members using their personal swipe cards- 'Open Sesame' doesn't seem to work unfortunately. Even the DJ booth is leather bound. It would seem that Amika does not cut corners.

Amika is considered to be among the more exclusive places in London. Many of you who have performed the A-list London club setting will recognize Amika the brand as being one of the truly elite clubsin the market today.

Amika is classy and high profile, with a glamorous and equally high end band of followers such as Jon Bon Jovi and Agyness Deyn. It's a kitted out with the best of the best, drawing in those clubbers who love to experience the high life- there's even valet parking just outside. Fancy.

Its another one of those 'dress to impress' kinda joints so don't go straight from work on dress-down Fridays as you'll be sent packing with your tail between your legs. Ironically, if you were wearing a jacket with a tail you'd have a better shot at getting in.

Allot of money has been spent on Amika Mayfair transforming the site from its previous tenant of Molton House members club. Walking through Amika you can see that the money has been well spent giving Amika Mayfair a luxurious feel over the 3 floors. The atmosphere at Amika can only be described as majestic and the crowd that attend week in week out certainly know a thing or two about how to have a great party!

Amika had a lot to do on this specific site as much from being an open space the brand-new site assured considerably more of a mansion house ambiance thought of only in the similarity No5 Cavendish Square. Amika Mayfair is among the smaller clubs in London especially the basement club nonetheless when you open up the venue you could begin to recognize the possibility of the area and Amika have succeeded to maximize exactly what they have.

Amika has actually invested it cash wisely and invested thousands in changing the cosmetic look of the club. Amika is essentially a brand spanking new club from the inside to Molton House which was the best point they could have done. The Amika brand is very much like the thriller cd it will certainly be tough to beat the old location yet they are giving it a good go!

Amika has lately played host to some big stars consisting of the largest pop star on the planet right now Justin Beiber.

Amika Mayfair opens it's doors throughout the week and Friday and Sunday and is regularly reserved out for exclusive and corporate occasions. If you have an event that you desire to schedule into Amika then get in touch and we can work out the best bargain on your behalf for free.

Amika London is flawlessly put within the classy district of Mayfair among several of the world most high fashion electrical outlets. Amika London next-door neighbours could not be much more likely for this exclusive London club.

Amika has actually formally established itself as one of the most unique London clubs. Amika Mayfair has actually been a strong choice amongst London's elite because opening up early last year.

Amika is taken into consideration to be one of the much more exclusive venues in London. Amika in Kensington was taken into consideration by numerous to be one of the most beautiful clubs in London. Amika has officially developed itself as one of the most exclusive London clubs. Amika Mayfair has been a sturdy selection among London's elite considering that opening up early last year.

Amika has spent it money wisely and invested millions in changing the cosmetic appearance of the club. Amika is almost unrecognizable from the inside to Molton House which was the best thing they could have done. Amika has allot to live up to and very much like the thriller album it will be hard to beat the old site but they are giving it a good go!

Amika  is perfectly placed within the fashionable district of Mayfair amongst some of the world most high fashion outlets. Amika London neighbours could not be more apt for this exclusive London club.

Amika knocks this category outta the park. With a absolutely stellar assortment of music, Amika is notoriously on the money when it comes to choosing the tunes to please the masses. With a vast mix of RNB, upbeat dance, house and a whole host of massive guest DJ's like Armand Van Heldan, you'll definitely have your musical taste buds sated. Given the Kensington location, prices are to be expected and a table is going to set you back a rather steep £1000. (But we're more than happy just to stand at that rate thank you!) Drinks wise, Amika stocks all the usual beers,wines and spirits, alongside an extensive list of champagnes for all those big spenders. Everybody happy.

Amika has officially established itself as one of the most exclusive London clubs. Since the High Street Kensington site has closed the Amika London brands grows from strength to strength in its new location of the Aptly sophisticated Mayfair. Amika London has been a strong choice amongst London's elite since opening early last year. This site which proved unsuccessful as molten house now has the perfect balance of the multi-storey clubbing and exclusive partying And it seems to have turns a venue that was struggling around and now has its doors filled on a weekly basis!

Amika Mayfair has officially established itself as one of the most exclusive London clubs. Since the High Street Kensington site has closed the Amika Mayfair brands grows from strength to strength in its new location of the Aptly sophisticated Mayfair. Amika Mayfair has been a strong choice amongst London's elite since opening early last year. This site which proved unsuccessful as molten house now has the perfect balance of the multi-storey clubbing and exclusive partying And it seems to have turns a venue that was struggling around and now has its doors filled on a weekly basis!

Fabulously swish and stylish but our one concern? Where's the dance-floor at? There's unfortunately only minimal space allocated to shake whatcha Momma gave ya although, it's a good sign that people are still just as keen to get up and make do by dancing around the tables. If you did that at Wagamama we're pretty sure you would be asked to leave.


Amika Address : Amika, 43 South Molton Street, London, W1K 5RS

What are Amikas Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Amika Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Amika policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


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The old Chinawhite  that was situated in Air street in the 90s was an institution  The club was famous throughout the Uk as being the celebrity hotspot and the place to be seen. Since moving to its new location can it match the reputation the old site has gained?

Chinawhite nightclub also called chinawhite is an exclusive nightclub hosted by Velvet PR

Now located near "Project Nightclub  just off oxford street there is still not far to walk however it will take some time to find from a non regular clubber. Outside the club the door pickers are suitable glamorous and dress in chinese style dress to match the theme o f the club perfectly.

Once past the barrier / door guests of the previous site may be disappointing to see that inside it a completely different layout to the old chinawhite and the decor inside has been toned down from before. Aplenty of bamboo line the walls and lots of greenery inside make it look pretty spectacular however it seems to miss the ambivalence of the old venue. Where it lacks in ambiance it makes up for in space. The new Chinawhite i made up of 2 separate rooms which take the capacity right up to around 500-600 which allows for bigger table areas and more of them.

there is a "secret"VIP" room at the back as with the likes of Maddox club however being int his room you miss out on much of the atmosphere of being in the main room and i would only ever suggest this if you really like your privacy. These room at the back normally sell for around £1500+ for the table areas which are more like beds.

The crowd at chinawhite is very impressive the club is filled to the brim with attractive girls and guys waving around money. There is no shortage of sparklers going around and its rare not to see a famous face as well. The door staff at China white do take there jobs seriously to say the least if you find yourself in the queue you may be subject to a "going over" by the lady to see if you are acceptable to enter.

Drinks are prices at standard price for similar clubs around the area and tables are highly reccomended. If you want to go to Chinawhite and check out the new club then simply use the guestliust form below and one of the team will get back to straight away!


Chinawhite nightclub London is a high profile guestlist only nightclub in central London. Please find information on Chinawhite below and if you wish to book a guestlist for Chinawhite Nightclub London nightclub now then use the contact forms below.

Chinawhite nightclub london is a regular haunt of many of the best known celebrities in the tabloids in the United Kingdom. The old club was located on 6 Air Street near Regent Street between Piccadilly Circus and Soho, but the club closed in December 2008 due to the building being sold, and re-opened on 20 October 2009 at 4 Winsley Street, London W1W 8HF.


The old Chinawhite Nightclub London had a number of "suites" with soft, bed-like lounging areas. including a "VIP suite" which gained notoriety in the British press over the years.[1] It became a well known club attended by Premier League footballers, so-called "WAGs" and young people in the entertainment industry. Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Lilly Allen, Sarah Harding, Callum Best and Lee Ryan are names well connected with the club

[3] The suites at Chinawhite Nightclub were noted for their lavish furnishings and were known to be very expensive. Exclusive membership was often priced at £700 for a year. Over the years numerous music acts performed at the venue.





Address: Chianwhite Nightclub ,4 Winsley Street  London, Greater London W1W 8HF

Times: 10pm- 3am

Dress Code: Very smart

Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables:Available to book




Bond Nightclub is the new kid on the party scene after its massive relaunch from Disco 24 Bond Nightclub takes its names form the gadgetry and technology only ever seen in Bond films!

With groundbreaking technological and no expense spared turning this nightclub into the most interactive club possibly the world has ever seen you have to go and experience this club purely to check out the technology on display if not for the impressive clubs nights that are hosted here every week.

the location of bond is right slap bang in the middle of piccadilly circus and oxford circus so not far to walk for ladies glamme up in their heels. The outside of bond nightclub hasnt change much from its preddessesor 24 however much of the inside has changed and been added to!

Once you have made it past the door the club inside fits aroun 300 club goers. The table are Bond are very small as you will quickly find out to make the most of the space the tables have been crammed into individual booths that can fit a maximum of around 5 guests around it. There are more projecters in bond than possibly any other club in London each wall seems to have a movie or LED shooting thoruhgout the club make this an experience in itself The space at Bond Nightclub is suited for corporate parties as branding can be projected in numerous positions throughout the club.

The crowd at Bond is your typical west end glamorous crowd everyone seems to make an effort and this combined with the commercial dance music makes for a really good atmosphere. Bond Nightclub is guestlist only so use the guestlist form at the bottom of this page to book your guestlist today.

Bond Nightclub formerly 24 club London  London once past the silver exterior and the burly bouncers on the door of Bond Nightclub, you will find yourself inside the club. An open space with raised areas for tables, Bond can also change the decor to how they please thanks to their LED light display. No part of the club was left untouched when thinking of the design, even incorporating an interactive bar that lights up when touched. Drinks at Bond do not come cheap at around the £10 mark, and you will have to dig deep to enjoy a great night out here. Whether you book a table with minimum spend, or simply just purchase drinks from the bar you are guaranteed to have a great night out.

Bond Nightclub attracts a beautiful crowd, who are eager to experience something which is fresh and new. This means that queues to get inside the Bond Nightclub are always long (especially on the weekend), and once you are inside waiting for a drink can sometimes take a long time too. The crowd here is particularly young compared to other West End club, and a mixed crowd can be seen on the dance floor moving to Funky House and R n B tunes. From footballers to glamour girls, expect to meet anyone and everyone at this trendy haunt.

Bond Nightclub fantastically designed space is what makes this West End club so popular. From its state of the art interactive bar to its unique light display, prepare to be ‘wowed’ when you spend a night out at this famous London club.




Bond Nightclub: 24 Kingly Street,Soho,London,W1B 5QP

Times: 10pm- 3am

Dress Code: Very smart

Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables: Available to book

Table Bookings! CALL 07834 363 888


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If you would like to be added to the Bond Nightclub Guestlist then please call us on 07834363888 or use the booking form below:



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