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IndigO2 Guestlist and Table Bookings



The IndigO2 is mostly known as a concert venue and many talented artists – one of the latest shows has been put on by Rita Ora - have rocked this stage before. It is pretty much the “O2”s little counterpart and often hosts after show parties. But not too many people know that it also serves as a nightclub, where big events and parties are hosted. Check out this massive venue, that has welcomed some huge TV stars and musicians and party long into the night with around 2,000 others!

THE Club

The Indigo2 is a TV star itself and has been playing host to events like the NME Awards or the X-Factor boot camp sessions. It is half seated, half standing - with a theatre style downstairs area and a large upstairs balcony overlooking the whole scene - and can hold up to 2,400 people. With more than twenty VIP booths, there is enough room for intimacy. The club is spread across three floors and that huge dancefloor in the middle is facing the stage and so big that it almost creates a festival feeling. With such an impressive size, the venue is the perfect place for a nightclub with special events and parties. The best thing is that is it a lot bigger and easier to get to than most concert venues. With that much space to drink, dance and party, the crowd usually goes crazy in here.

The Vibe

Artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Timberland and Ne-Yo have played to the crowd here and club nights like Kiss FMs “Kisstory” have made the place legendary. There will often be after show parties held at the IndigO2 after a big concert finishes at the O2, as it is literally a two minute walk from there. Usually there is no dress code seeing as after jumping and sweating at a concert for two hours, we reckon nobody really looks their best, but some events do request you looking your smartest. To be sure check out the event´s page online. As for prices it also strongly depends on the event and occasion, but usually entry fees aren´t too bad and the same goes for drinks. But you´re sure to have a blast at any event that´s hosted here!

The Music

The music varies depending on what is on that day, but IndigO2 is known for hosting some amazing RnB and Hip Hop concerts and events. Then again, on a club night of course the DJs will mix in some house and chart tunes as well. With five bars situated across three floors, there will be enough booze to keep everyone happy and it also means that you can get a wide selection of drinks – way more than your usual pint during a concert. Be aware of special drink offers and prices, because some events may be more student friendly than others.

The Hoxton Pony Guestlist & Table Bookings



With the welcome arrival of the Hoxton Pony, Curtain Street has risen from the ashes, once a forsaken area, and now a clubber’s stomping ground. The venue is a clear demonstration that with a little bit of clever interior design, a team of skilled staff and a mouth wateringly delectable drinks menu, the best things in clubbing life really can come in small packages. With all that said and done, this is certainly no one-trick pony.

The Club

As you walk into the Hoxton Pony the natural inclination is to head down the stairs but it’s worth taking a moment to soak up the wow factor of the upstairs space. A waist to ceiling display case housing stuffed owls and bright green leaves adorn black, white and silver colour scheme and a bar stretches across the far wall. When you’re facing the bar, to the right there’s an open kitchen where the chefs rustle up East End tapas and to the left an installation of a crushed car hangs over the seating and mirrored wall. Downstairs, it’s dark, loud and pulsing. The DJ’s tucked into a nook beneath the stairs, there’s seating to left and right and another long bar is perfectly placed for hopping to when you’re not tearing up the space in front of the decks.

The Vibe

A fashionable and fun mix of drinkers and clubbers are attracted to the Hoxton Pony. It ticks all of the boxes without ever veering towards pretentious. The music is palpitating and encapsulating, the tracks hit the spot time and time again, the mouthwatering kaleidoscopic cocktails flow non-stop and the music is cranked up as the sound of chirpy clubber banter layers across the venue. The bar staff are professional and on the ball while the door staff have just the right amount of rigor to ensure a great night.

The Music

Expect the unexpected at the Hoxton Pony. From day to night the tracks spin seamlessly on a musical mystery tour that spans ska, soul, pop and electronica before dropping in a few vintage film soundtracks and more alternative sounds. The drinks are imaginative and high end while being reasonably priced. The Hoxton Pony infusion jars are a must. Serving multiples of four, you can choose from a base of vodka, whisky, rum, bourbon and gin, which are mixed with fruit juices and herbs to create the most original cocktails you’ll find in Hoxton. If cocktails are not for you then you can easily order a glass of Champagne or a chilled bottle of beer at a standard rate.

The Garage Guestlist and Table Bookings



In central London you'll find Islington, with its wide range of clubs and bars that can turn any dull night, including a week night, into an evening of fun. But say you're bored of the same-old when it comes to going out: you want loud, you want a roaring crowd, you want live music. Well look no further than The Garage. Also known as Relentless Garage, many bands have gotten their start here, so why not get a good start to your evening and make this a new hangout when you get that itch to have a good time and listen to something that isn't auto-tuned. Which is probably 80% of music today, but we won't judge if that's all you ever do listen to.

The Club

Two floors make up The Garage; a downstairs with comfy plush seats and a smaller upstairs, both with a rocking sound system and a full bar. It's a great space if you want to really get a good show in for a small price but still require the crowd and volume in order to really let loose. The polished hardwood floors and bright spotlight make this an ideal place for indoor concerts in London; if you've seen 'The Wedding Singer' the similarities atmosphere-wise are there. You just need to replace the cheesy 80's music with modern indie and rock and roll, and then sub the annoying relatives for party-goers looking for a good time.

The Vibe

A mix of people gather at the Garage, and because of its smaller size it can be described as intimate; the dance floor can get crowded and sweaty. So if you don't mind getting up close and personal then this club will work for you. But even if you are the type that likes it when everyone remains a good five feet from your personal bubble (which is all well and good, but those people are few and far between in the clubbing scene) you can still get a good listen towards the back while sipping at your drink. But no one wants to be the Debbie Downer that sits in the back and watches everyone else have fun. What a bore!

The Music

The Garage is well known for mainly two types of music: indie and rock. And it have a pretty impressive musical history. Kings of Leon, The Killers, and The Darkness have all graced the stage here, making it a rite of passage for many bands transitioning from obscurity to fame. Like the quinceañera of the musical world: ridiculously big pink dress not recommended, as it would be difficult to join a mosh pit wearing one. If you're watching your wallet The Garage is a great place to get your drinking on. With vodka tonics for £3.20 and only a bit more for a pint, this is an ideal place to really rock out and have a couple of cold ones after a busy day on the cheap. And since it's often called Relentless Garage you can bet that any sort of booze with energy drinks is going to be using Relentless for a mixer. So if you're not too keen on your jägerbombs using a brand other than Red Bull we suggest using your wings to take you elsewhere.

The Egg London Guestlist and Table Bookings



With the best music from the finest DJs from all over the world and a top of the range sound and lighting installation, Egg is a stylish nightclub that combines a variety of indoor and outdoor areas. If you love to dance in a unique space, this club is definitely for you and one that you will certainly be returning to.


Egg is centrally located in a remote space, which results in a club that can make as much noise as possible without disturbing anyone in the vicinity. The venue is positively colossal with three floors, both inside and out. It makes such great use of space and the garden is definitely the selling point and what makes the place stand out from the crowd; it is a chilled out zone with an Ibiza-esque atmosphere and outdoor seating. The upstairs bar is sumptuously elegant, draped in red leather, while the main dance area on the ground floor has all the character of an industrial warehouse rave. There is even an in house café for when you get the munchies, so essentially, you never have to leave and the 24-hour license means that you are in no way stuck for time to explore your surroundings.

The Vibe

At the weekend, the party starts at around 10pm on Friday and continues well into the early hours of Sunday, shutting only for a few hours in-between. As it plays host to many eclectic nights, the clientele attending Egg can range considerably from one night to the next. The staff are accommodating to whoever comes through the doors and, because of the relaxed dress code, there is a welcoming and unpretentious vibe.

The Music

Although Egg tends to satisfy those with a musical taste for all things house, the venue offers an assorted mix of nights to suit every dance fan. Across all three floors your ears can indulge in a extraordinary range of diverse and eclectic sounds. Fridays are a colourful mix of drum and bass, breaks, deep house, glitch and electro, while Saturdays generally embrace a house and techno soundtrack. Notable guests who have graced the stage at Egg include Pendulum, Carl Craig and Felix Da Housecat, to name but a few. A respectable assortment of alcoholic beverages are on offer at the bar, all within the price range of £4 - £5 and, if there’s a themed night, you can expect an even more exciting array of cocktails which you can sip on the elegant surroundings of the terrace.

Trapeze Guestlist and Table Bookings



Four years ago, Trapeze’s trendy club meets bar opened it’s doors deep in the heart of Shoreditch. Since then it has earned a high reputation among clubbers and DJ’s alike, highlighting the effective nature of moving towards more intimate and personable spaces.


Trapeze is comprised of two floors, and an additional mezzanine level featuring a range of exclusive, bespoke seated booths, which are flexible to book out for private hire. The reputation held by this club has maintained the hosting of first rate, global DJs to any event booking as required. Upstairs boasts a long bar, sofas with tables in comfy corners and a mezzanine, which you can reserve for a particularly bling night out. This level is ideal for gathering, chatting and taking time outs from the basement club. Downstairs is a 200-capacity club space with a DJ booth amid intricate and playful Daft Punk-esque LED displays courtesy of lighting guru ‘Mirrorball Paul’. There is also a downstairs bar, helping to maintain efficient service, and thanks to the low ceiling, the fierce Eskimo Noize sound system is guaranteed to pack an even mightier punch.

The Vibe

The upstairs bar is busy and fast moving with people darting in and out of the smoking area, going to the bar, chatting and flirting. In contrast, the wall of sound in the downstairs basement is less about the meaningful conversation and more about getting lost in the music. Staff and bouncers are friendly and highly capable while the atmosphere is infectiously excitable. People come here to get lost in the banter and, most importantly, the music.

The Music

Trapeze takes it’s inspiration from the aforementioned New York district and lends a knowing wink to where it’s heart lies by offering a regular dose of Manhattan style soulful house. The array of first class DJs at hand should delight sophisticated and trendy clubbers alike. Depending on the month and the nightly theme, you can expect to see the likes of Miami electro house musician Steve Aoki, UK drum and bass producer Sub Focus and New York percussionist José Claussell behind the decks. Just check out the event listings page on the website to see for yourself and plan your party in advance. Drinks start from £4 for a bottle of beer, house wine is roughly £15 a bottle, and cocktails cost in the region of £7-£8.

Dalston Superstore Guestlist and Table Bookings



Don’t let the rustic exterior fool you; Dalston Superstore is one of the most achingly trendy hangouts that you are likely to come across in East London. Along with a contemporary after dark soundtrack it is gay friendly and also likes to dabble in the arts.

The Club

Dalston Superstore’s elongated upstairs bar is a bright and airy space decked out in full force with a distinctively quirky style. Various brightly painted exposed pipes and sculptures adorn the walls while a private, raised booth sits snugly to the rear of the venue. When Dalston Superstore is not playing host to a number of regular art exhibitions in its basement level, the space is occupied by weekly disco and electro club nights attracting a wide variety of clubbers and scene setters alike.

The Vibe

Edgy east London fashion takes command at Dalston Superstore and the people who are enticed towards this fashion Mecca dress accordingly sporting all of the latest trends. Bar staff are efficient and also notably preened to perfection while door staff make sure that the relaxed atmosphere is maintained. The cheerful, brightness of the entire space encourages relaxation and the venue is generally welcoming to those of any persuasion.

The Music

On club nights, all sorts of thumping progressive beats can be heard from the basement ranging from funk, electronic, house and techno to suit many dedicated clubbers. Performers to have graced the stage include Detroit house and techno producer Claude Vonstroke, avant garde singer Billie Ray Martin and techno courtesy of Deepgroove. To get a full feel of the beats you can expect to hear, check out the extensive list of previous events displayed on the website. Top-notch, sweet and flamboyant cocktails are £7.10 a pop, while an popular choice of bottled and draft beers are available to suit most palates with prices starting at a standard £3.80. A decent selection of wine is also on offer at a reasonable £3.90 a glass.

The Coronet Theatre Guestlist & Table Bookings

The Coronet Theatre Guestlist & Tables


Once a run down cinema with a big history, now The Coronet Theatre is a top venue with an exciting future. This beautifully restored Elephant and Castle venue is sure to be one of the sparkling highlights on your clubbing calendar.

The Club

The Coronet Theatre is an excellent example of successful innovation in a forgotten about area. It could easily be missed amongst the bustling traffic of the many Elephant and Castle roundabouts but once you have experienced this sumptuous club it is sure to stay fresh in your mind forevermore. The layout is an interesting mix of old and new as red velvet curtains and chairs conjure up sumptuous images of the cinema’s past while the use of glossy metal and glass at the bar guides you toward the future and beyond. There is also a generously large outside smoking area, which is popular with the many clubbers that gather here to mingle and chitchat over the weekend. As the club is currently only open for specific events, it is definitely worth your while calling beforehand to check the correct dates.

The Vibe

The clientele are composed of die-hard clubbers for the most part but the venue also plays host to concerts and comedy nights, which brings in a more diverse crowd to the mix. The door staff can be strict and have a no-nonsense attitude but their attention to detail is what will keep you safe. The earplug wearing bar staff are enthusiastic and do their job efficiently while adding a carefree, party atmosphere throughout the club. The crazy pulsing vibe is then thoroughly enforced by the Djs and MCs who take centre stage throughout the weekend.

The Music

While club nights and live events kick off at The Coronet Theatre regularly, Drum and Bass nights are the main attraction. With a newly installed sound system this genre of music will no doubt continue to proclaim this club as a winning venue. Other musical gems to have rocked this venue to the core include German electronic music producer Boys Noize, Canadian IDM composer Caribou and American dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem. They keep all things nice and simple at The Coronet Theatre, including the drinks. A decent spirit, beer and wine selection is available and all drinks are served in plastic cups to avoid any unnecessary injury. Beer and wine is priced at £4 a bottle or £3.50 a glass while the price comes in at a very reasonable £5 for a vodka and mixer. With its lavish and richly textured design, forward thinking selection of DJs and laid back atmosphere, The Coronet Theatre is an excellent place to rave it up well into the early hours of the morning. If you are after some current, intelligent beats to party the night away with the added touch of cinematic glamour then look no further.

The Qube Project Guestlist & Table Bookings

The Qube Project Guestlist & Tables


London shed a mighty tear when one of the last bastions of clubbing closed down in Victoria back in early 2014 leaving the area desolate; but wait, who's that coming to the rescue? It's The Qube project guestlist team, f*ck yeah! From the dying embers of what was once one of London’s hottest clubbing districts, rises the mighty phoenix which is The Qube Project. Situated mere seconds away from Victoria station this new pinnacle of rave promises what will be an nightly gala of ass shaking, ear smashing, and toe tappingly good times.

The Club

Without the fairly substantial que outside the venue, Qube would blend seamlessly into the sleek business like architecture of the surrounding area. The ultra-modern design doesn’t stop at the door however, with bare metal beams, a Fabric style room overlooking a lower dancefloor, miraculously pristine leather sofas in the vip areas and mesmerizing light displays Qube has the upcoming super-club style down to a t. The layout continues this theme, with a sizeable smoking area for those well deserved breathers, multiple rooms in which to boogie down that although are visible from each other, somehow do not leak any sound. Art installations and 3D video mapping add another element to the experience, making this one of the most aesthetically focused clubs in the city.


Qube is certainly a place any die hard clubber should check out. Whether you’re looking to find yourself a sexy friend to have some fun with or simply dance the night away into the early hours The Qube Project guestlist has everything you’ll need in spades. The club doesn’t get into full swing until 11pm on most nights so expect to be walking home in the blinding sunlight a little worse for wear, that’s if you haven't already sneaked home with a new friend. As the night progresses the club will get rather intimate as the people continue to pack in. But fear not the vibe stays friendly and everyone is there simply to have a good time, a vibe that is encouraged by staff and DJ’s alike.

The Music

The drinks are priced as you’d expect from an upcoming club in the heart of London, with singles and beers running at just shy of a fiver. There is however a substantial range available compared to many clubs who offer pints or tinnies. Each room also has its very own bar, so if queuing for half your night tends to ruin your buzz, have no fear. Qube is set to match it’s rivals on the DJ front, pulling some fantastic names. With a bespoke Martin Audio sound system that really comes into it’s own in the ground floor room, music afficionados will not be left wanting. Some great names in the world of house and techno appear on the events list, and they will no doubt be a contender for the best names in London in no time.

Bussey Building Guestlist & Table Bookings


Bussey Building

This place was nearly demolished in 2007, but good thing it wasn't; otherwise where would we go for some of London's greatest parties? Before you answer that with the name of your favourite club, shut up; Bussey Building is fantastic. Also known as the Bussey Warehouse or the CLF Art Café, this place has it all. Theatre, paintings, drawings, live music, dancing, you name it and Bussey Building has it. Like a grocery store of clubbing, only this one you can buy booze after hours; you go in for one thing and spend hours doing another.

The Club

What used to be a warehouse that made cricket bats has been a hot clubbing site and entertainment venue for a few years now. This place is pretty big; it can fit almost 1,000 people inside, though it's not like they're all crammed into one room. Bussey building has quite a few rooms that can be rented out, and often there is even more than one party going on. It also comes with a 5,000 square foot rooftop, making it ideal for watching any fireworks that happen to be nearby. Just make sure you're not so drunk you fall of trying to grab at the fireworks. That'd make an interesting story in The Evening Standard.

The Vibe

Now you think that a building as old as this with such rich history would be reserved for only the educated and that it would only hold hipster snobs? Far from the truth, Judgey McJudgerson! This club is very laid back and unpretentious, and great for a place to find like-minded people who are out to have a good time. Just make sure that you are dressed right; the door staff are nice and friendly, but will not be afraid to turn you away if you're not dressed in smart casual. But hey, at least they'll be polite about it.

The Music

Electronic music of any kind is Bussey Buiilding's speciality. Drum and bass, house, techno; if you're an electronica junkie than you absolutely must make Bussey House a stop on your clubbing list. Sometimes they throw in a bit of soul and 90's hits, but their main focus is anything synthesized through a computer. And they often have guest DJs, so you know you won't be hearing the same-old same-old every weekend. Bussey Building has all of your standards and favourites; wines, beers, spirits, and all of the common cocktails and mixers are here. So maybe the drinks will be same-old same-old, but you could always mix it up and have a different mixer every night; you're in Bussey Building, may as well get creative; just remember that green is not a creative colour. Drinks here are affordable; on occasion they have specials like £2.50 drinks all night, giving you more than enough reason to take a hammer to your piggy bank that holds all of your loose change. Bussey Building is where you go when you want to get it all done in one place. Want to catch some theatre? Catch an evening show and then go clubbing. Maybe you want a comedy night? Laugh your arse off, then go for a drink and hit the dance floor. Or just come here from the start and groove to some great beats while hanging out with genuinely nice people sipping on a reasonably priced cocktail. Unless you're so unreasonably picky that you can't be bothered, Bussey Building is your next destination for a great night out clubbing in London.


Toy Room


Toy Room London Entry - Toy Room Guestlist and Toy Room Table Bookings

Toy room deserves the name because it is literally a room for toys, especially for Teddy bears. In the club you can find a huge stuffed bear, which was already a backdrop for many pictures with celebrities, like Jessie J or Lindsay Lohan and the logo of the club is a cool teddy bear with sunglasses, as well. It is a very high-end club, so many celebrities are gaining Toy Room London entry. Toy room tables are limited, and there is just a capacity of 300 people and 25 tables. On Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday it is free entry for girls until 11pm at Toy Room London. It is a very stylish club in the heart of Mayfair. The music is strictly just RnB and Hip Hop and every week there are excellent DJ’s.
Toy Room London is a high-end guestlist-only club and located on Argyll Street in Mayfair. The interior is Italian style with brass studs and leather wall panelling and features entertainment including a bear names Frank. The music policy is R&B and Hiphop. Two of their resident DJs are DJ Kaveh and DJ Prince Charles.
The management seems to be very experienced, because it is also the team behind the great clubs Charlie and Project. The crowd is very fashionable and the team always wants to decide by themselves who will make it into Toy room and who can become a member, so it is a very exclusive club. If you want to book one out of the 25 Toy room tables, just press the button above. The minimum spend for a table is similar to the other high end clubs around Mayfair.
The dress code is casual smart and girls should wear a dress to impress, but the club management has every right to refuse someone’s entry if they think that the clothes are not matching to the dress code. But don’t worry if you dress up it is no problem to get on Toy room’s guestlist or to book a Toy room table.
The team focuses on offering their Toy room London guests an exclusive nightlife experience in one of the most glamorous movers and shakers. This club has definite potential to become one of the hottest destinations for every lover of the London nightlife.
The concept of Toy Room is similar to the other high end clubs in London, but they added a touch of playfulness with the name and also the teddy bears like in the Logo, as a LED on the wall and also the giant, 6 ft, plush bear called “Frank the teddy”. Everyone loves this huge bear and wants to make a photo with it, even the celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger or Lindsay Lohan. At Toy Room you have the possibility to meet “Frank the Teddy”!
Toy room is located in the heart of Mayfair and you can reach it very easily at Oxford Circus tube station. Even if you can enter in the club by the age of 18, you will find an average age of 25 to 35. The Toy Room London entry policies and the dress code are very strict, but if you pass the doors of this club the management is promising you a night that you will remember, so it is totally worth visiting on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 9pm and 4 am.
The club was founded by two successful entrepreneurs who are both managing other very exclusive clubs in London. The owners are Luca Maggiora and Jordan Rocca, and either one of them or both is likely to be at the club on any given night to ensure you're taken care of their guests and that everyone is satisfied and enjoying his night. But this is not all, besides great music, beautiful people and a friendly service team you have also some special cocktails and some of them were only created for this club.


Toy Room Entry Fee

Toy Room entry fees start at £10 for girls before 11pm (occasionally complimentary) then £20 entry price after 11pm.


Toy Room Table Prices

Toy Room table prices change depending on the night, the type of table required and the guy:girl ratio of the group. The minimum is £1500 min spend for groups of up to 10. VIP Toy Room table prices begin from £3000 min spend for groups of up to 10. If the guy:girl proportion is uneven please get in touch with us to check is the table cost for your booking. On evenings where special artists are playing, the table prices may increase. Toy Room table costs are normally higher on Fridays and Saturdays. Standard tables can seat up to 6 guests while VIP tables can seat up to 10.
If it's just a smaller group i.e. 2 or 3 visitors, it is in some cases possible to book a get a table reservation for £1000 min spend, contingent on the night. Once more, this should be a mixed group.
We offer a table booking service for Toy Room entry and you can book below. If you require more information on Toy Room table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table at Toy room as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Toy room London Address : Toy room, 8 Argyll Street, Mayfair, W1F 7TF London, UK

What are Toy room London Opening and Closing Times: 10pm - 3:30am

Toy Room Dress Code: Smart

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Toy room policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s